Yeast Display Platform

Compared to phage display, yeast display has the features of eukaryotic expression, the capability of utilization of FACS sorting for selective isolation of different affinity level populations, and convenient detection of antigen binding by FACS, which make yeast display a powerful and efficient tool for novel antibody discovery. With years of extensive experience, Creative Biolabs has developed and commercialized a wide range of innovative integrated services that are based on yeast display technology, including library construction and screening, antibody affinity maturation, production of specific monoclonal antibodies etc.

What Is Yeast Display?

Yeast display (or yeast surface display) is a particularly powerful protein engineering technique that uses the expression of recombinant proteins incorporated into the cell wall of yeast for isolating and engineering antibodies. Since its first published in 2000, yeast surface display has been widely used to engineer a variety of proteins for improved affinity, specificity, expression, stability, and catalytic activity. With the continuous improvement of this technology, the application of yeast display now including enzyme engineering; protein epitope mapping, identification of protein-protein interactions, immune biocatalysis, and biosensors, and display of proteins and enzymes on yeast cells for biotechnology and biomedical applications.

Yeast Display Systems

Yeast library is generated from the underlying genetic material that codes for the protein variants. Yeast offers multiple options for cell surface anchor proteins, including Agα1p, Aga2p, Cwp1p, Cwp2p, Tip1p, Flo1p, Sed1p, YCR89w, and Tir1. A protein of interest fused to the C- or N-terminus of an anchor protein typically results in the display of the fusion protein on the cell surface of Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Pichia pastoris.

Yeast Display PlatformFig.1. Cell surface display system in S. cerevisiae. (a) α-agglutinin-based display system; (b) a-agglutinin-based display system; (c) Flo1p-based display system; (d) Membrane display system by anchoring domain of Yps1p (Kuroda and Ueda, 2013).

Functional display of the protein of interest can be detected by a fluorescently labeled antibody or ligand specific to the native fold. The epitope tags are used to normalize protein function to surface expression level through either labeled anti-HA or anti-c-myc antibodies. These features allow flow cytometric sorting of a heterogeneous mixture of yeast cells, each displaying up to 100,000 copies of a single protein variant, based on the biophysical and biochemical properties of the displayed proteins.

Yeast Display Platform in Creative Biolabs

As a world leader in the industry of antibody discovery, Creative Biolabs’ proprietary yeast display platform is a highly robust display system based on our extensive experience accumulated over decades. We have developed a unique yeast transformation protocol that guarantees up to 2×108 transformants per transformation. Our Ultraff™ Yeast Display Technology enables the production of highly efficient libraries of high diversity and is now very efficient for high-affinity antibody discovery and antibody affinity maturation. By utilizing the abundant resource of yeast display platform, our scientists can assist you in the most comprehensive yeast display service, which including but not limited to yeast display library construction service, yeast display library screening service, yeast display-based antibody affinity maturation service, and yeast display-based T cell receptor engineering service.

If you are interested in learning more about Creative Biolabs’ yeast display platform, please contact us for more details.


  1. Kuroda, K.; Ueda, M. Arming technology in yeast-novel strategy for whole-cell biocatalyst and protein engineering. Biomolecules. 2013, 3(3):632.

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