To ensure a fast and precise diagnosis, it is necessary to be able to detect several biomarkers simultaneously in one sample. It is advantageous to combine the detection of two different molecule classes (e.g., protein, DNA or RNA) to expand the variety of biomarkers and to save sample material. Armed with an experienced technical team and the perfect platform for in vitro diagnostics (IVD) research, Creative Biolabs has developed a series of methods to perform simultaneous detection of protein and DNA or RNA. Our unique combination detection services will confirm the tendency of the results of the individual detections.

The Importance of Combinational Detection

For many disorders, biomarker diagnosis research may identify highly specific protein and nucleic acid markers that are key to targeted detection of early-stage pathology. Also, molecular diagnostic tools that are capable of performing multiplexed assays. Tests that simultaneously detect multiple protein biomarkers and genetic information will save time, resources and, more importantly, will allow scientists to detect patterns of disease-related markers. Multiplexing will enable diagnoses based on a more informative assessment of panels of biomarkers that could signal the presence of a disease and would provide information on the disease stage.

Simultaneous Detection of RNA and Protein Biomarkers

Proximity Ligation Assay for RNA (PLAYR) enables highly multiplexed quantification of transcripts in single cells by flow- and mass-cytometry and is compatible with standard antibody staining of proteins. PLAYR preserves the native state of cells, detects transcripts in intact cells without the need for cDNA synthesis, and is compatible with flow cytometry (FC), mass cytometry (MS), as well as microscope-based imaging systems. Making use of the different measurement channels of MS, enables the simultaneous quantitative acquisition of more than 40 different proteins and RNAs.

PLAYR enables the simultaneous quantification of specific transcripts and proteins in single cells.Fig.1 PLAYR enables the simultaneous quantification of specific transcripts and proteins in single cells. (Frei, 2016)

Simultaneous Detection of DNA and Protein Biomarkers

The detection of biomarkers in a Microfluidic microbead chip has advantages over measurements in multi-well format, such as low background signals, small reaction volumes, and fast reaction. Fig.2 shows the results of the simultaneous detection of protein and DNA-based cardiovascular biomarker in a Microfluidic microbead chip. Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) plus protein biomarker test allows early detection of pancreatic cancer (PC) has also been reported. With the help of combinational detection, mining genetic and protein alterations together can significantly improve the sensitivity of a blood test for early-stage PC.

Simultaneous detection of protein and DNA-based cardiovascular biomarker.Fig.2 Simultaneous detection of protein and DNA-based cardiovascular biomarker. (Dinter, 2019)


To enable screening for and early detection of diseases with established diagnostic biomarkers and simultaneous detection of genetic information change and expression signatures specific to one sample, Creative Biolabs provides nuclear acid and protein detection services in a single assay through reported as well as our innovative methods. If you are looking for nuclear acid and protein combinational detection services, please feel free to contact us.

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