As a preeminent contract antibody development company, Creative Biolabs offers high-quality in vitro diagnostic (IVD) antibody development services targeting a wide range of biomarkers. Here, we focus on the NT-proBNP marker of heart failure (HF). We are committed to providing the highest quality of custom services and products at the most reasonable prices.

ProBNP is a 108-amino acid precursor peptide of the BNP (B-type natriuretic peptide) which is a 32-amino acid protein secreted from cardiac ventricles. On account of the enhanced wall tension in ventricles, ProBNP is catalyzed by a protease resulting in the inactive form of a 76 amino acids N-terminal-proBNP (NT-proBNP) and the biologically active form of BNP. Contrast to BNP, NT-proBNP owns a longer half-life and is not influenced by the management of exogenous BNP. It more relies on renal elimination and the half-life estimated is about 2 hours. NT-proBNP has been studied for diagnosis of HF and left ventricular systolic dysfunction (LVSD). It has been accepted by the HF classification of New York Heart Association that NT-proBNP levels were consistent with the clinical severity of the disease.

IVD Antibodies for NT-proBNP Marker Figure 1. Schematic representation of proBNP processing and cross-reactivity of assays measuring BNP and NT-proBNP. ProBNP can be posttranslationally O-glycosylated (O-glyc) within the Golgi apparatus. Both O-glycosylated and non-O-glycosylated proBNP are cleaved to BNP and NT-proBNP in equimolar fashion by the enzyme furin and then secreted into the circulation. (Gruden, G. 2014)

NT-proBNP Marker of Heart Failure

HF usually can be mixed up with other situations, and it may co-exist with them. Markers are helpful in diagnosis, treatment monitoring and to inform prognosis. NT-proBNP is a superior marker for HF and it enables to be used together with other cardiac biomarker tests to measure heart stress and damage. It has been proven that increased NT-proBNP levels are invariably connected with raised mortality in patients with HF. There are several analytical advantages of NT-proBNP as a diagnostic marker of HF. Firstly, NT-proBNP is highly stable both in vivo and in vitro and NT-proBNP tests are matched to an ordinary standard and prove much less method variation than that of BNP approaches. Furthermore, the results seen with NT-proBNP will be about 8-10 times higher than those commonly seen, on account of their higher molecular weight and the strong in vivo stability.

IVD Antibodies for NT-proBNP Marker Figure 2. Plasma Levels of proBNP, total BNP, and NT-proBNP in normal and heart failure. Bar graph showing the total BNP, proBNP (A) and NT-proBNP (B) levels in healthy subjects and heart failure patients with NYHA classes 1–2 and 3–4. (Nishikimi, T. 2013)

IVD Antibody Development Services for NT-proBNP Marker

IVD antibodies have been commonly used in immunodiagnostic kits for disease diagnosis and prognosis. Creative Biolabs has built a versatile IVD platform to provide custom biomarker-specific IVD antibody development services to global clients. In addition, Creative Biolabs provides one-stop diagnostic immunoassay development services, including feasibility analysis, assay design, assay protocol establishment, validation, and production. Along with over a decade of rich experience in providing excellent custom services for IVD antibody discovery, our services can totally meet your special requirements.

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