Creative Biolabs is a contract research organization specialized in offering customized services for the development of antibodies for use in diagnostics, drug discovery, and basic research. Especially, we provide the expertise and personnel to offer high-quality in vitro diagnostic (IVD) antibody development services targeting a wide range of high-value diagnostic biomarkers to our clients. Here, we introduce our IVD antibody development services for ATF3 marker.

Activating Transcription Factor 3 (ATF3)

ATF3 is a 21-ku leucine zipper-containing protein that belongs to the activating transcription factor/cAMP responsive element binding protein (ATF/CREB) family. The expression of the ATF3 gene is normally in a steady state in quiescent cells but can be rapidly induced to a high level in response to multiple stress signals. It functions through complex mechanisms involving multiple pathways in a signal-type and cell-type-dependent manner. ATF3 is a key regulator in cellular stress responses and involved in homeostasis, wound healing, cell adhesion, HBV-mediated processes, tumorigenicity, apoptosis and signaling pathways. Some studies reported an association between ATF3 expression and cellular dysfunction while the others demonstrated a putative anti-apoptotic role of ATF3. Besides, ATF3 may inhibit tumorigenesis.

ATF3 Marker of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is an abrupt loss of kidney functions. It is a complex clinical syndrome associated with adverse clinical outcomes, affecting a variety of biological mechanisms involving immunity, inflammation, apoptosis, and cell cycle. And it is difficult to predict and identify AKI in the early period, which increases difficulties to develop preventive and therapeutic measures for AKI.

Recently, more and more studies revealed that ATF3 can be considered as a promising biomarker for the early diagnosis of AKI. A variety of stress stimuli, including ischemia/reperfusion injury, induce the expression of ATF3 in the kidney. And the deficient of ATF3 in mice is associated with the higher renal ischemia/reperfusion-induced mortality, kidney dysfunction, inflammation, and apoptosis compared with wild-type mice. Moreover, in patients with AKI, the urinary microRNA-494 levels were higher than normal controls. While the overexpression of microRNA-494 significantly reduce the levels of ATF3 and induce inflammatory mediators, such as IL-6, monocyte chemotactic protein-1, and P-selectin, after renal ischemia/reperfusion, exacerbating apoptosis and further decreasing renal function. In addition, urinary ATF3 levels in patients with sepsis-induced AKI are higher in comparison with patients with sepsis-non-AKI and healthy volunteers. These suggest that ATF3 can be used as a biomarker to predict AKI in the early period.

Signal transduction pathway of ATF3 protecting MIRI via TLR-4/NF-κB-mediated inflammation. Fig. 1 Signal transduction pathway of ATF3 protecting MIRI via TLR-4/NF-κB-mediated inflammation. (Yang C J., 2015)

IVD Antibody Development Service Targeting ATF3 Marker

As a leader in the advancing antibody market, Creative Biolabs provides custom IVD antibody development and production services to scientists around the world to support and accelerate their IVD projects. The services we provide include antibody generation, antibody conjugation, and immunoassay development. our services are fully customized against different targets, including the ATF3 marker.

If you are interested in working together or have questions about our services, please contact us or send us an inquiry.


  1. Yang C J., (2015). “Activating transcription factor 3 an endogenous inhibitor of myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury”. Molecular Medicine Reports, 104(7): 566-567.

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