Creative Biolabs is an undisputed leading provider of antibody development and generation services. Now, we provide in vitro diagnostic (IVD) antibody development services targeting various biomarkers of a wide variety of diseases. Especially, Creative Biolabs offers high-quality IVD antibody development services for diagnostic applications targeting the GP73 marker.

Introduction of GP73 Marker

Golgi membrane protein GP73, also known as Golgi membrane protein 1 (GOLM1) or Golgi phosphor protein 2, is a protein that encoded by the human GOLM1 gene. As a Golgi transmembrane protein, GP73 is involved in the processes of protein synthesis in the rough endoplasmic reticulum and assists in the transport of protein cargo through the Golgi apparatus. Normally, it is preferentially expressed in epithelial cells of many human tissues. GP73 is also consistently present in biliary epithelial cells in normal livers, and hepatocytes show little or no signal. Once infected with virus, the expression of GP73 will be upregulated.

A proposed model for the role of GP73 in HCV triggered IFN signaling Fig.1 A proposed model for the role of GP73 in HCV triggered IFN signaling (Zhang X., 2017)

GP73 Marker of Liver Cirrhosis

In normal human liver tissue, GP73 is primarily expressed in biliary epithelial cells and rarely expressed in healthy hepatocytes. Studies have revealed that hepatocellular GP73 mRNA levels and protein expression are significantly upregulated in acute and chronic hepatitis, regardless of the etiology, and accompanies the advanced fibrogenesis stage. Furthermore, a significant increase in GP73 protein expression has been reported in the liver tissue of patients with liver cirrhosis and GP73 was highly expressed in liver tissue infected with HBV and adenovirus. Under this condition, GP73 can be used as a specific marker for the diagnosis of liver cirrhosis.

Levels of tissue Golgi protein 73 (tGP73) and serum (s)GP73 in patients with liver diseases and normal controls Fig.2 Levels of tissue Golgi protein 73 (tGP73) and serum (s) GP73 in patients with liver diseases and normal controls.

IVD Antibody Development Services for GP73 Marker

IVD antibodies are extensively used in immunodiagnostic tools for disease screening and therapeutic monitoring. Through our role as a leading antibody service provider, Creative Biolabs is well-positioned to develop high-quality anti-GP73 antibodies. Besides antibody generation, Creative Biolabs also offers diagnostic immunoassay development services, including feasibility analysis, assay design, assay protocol establishment, assay optimization, and kit production.

If you are interested in the services we can provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us and get a quote. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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