Heterologous Immunization Service

As a global contract service provider, Creative Biolabs is pleased to offer our clients the heterologous immunization service (DNA prime-protein boost system) for high-quality antibody discovery and development. Our professional scientists are devoted to providing professional consultation, customized services, and top-quality products for various research and development projects.

Overview of the DNA and Protein Co-Immunization Strategy

DNA immunization is a technique featuring with inducing in vivo immune activities by delivering DNA into the host. Early studies of immunization mostly focused on triggering cytotoxic T-cell activities, then gradually turned to B-cell activities and antibody production. One attractive feature of DNA immunization is to directly generate in vivo antigen. Conventional immunization methods are based on the recombinant proteins or coupled peptides, which have difficulty in generating protein with naïve conformation, transmembrane protein or protein conjugated with ion channels. Moreover, the synthesis and purification of protein and peptide antigen are time-consuming and costly, especial for problematic proteins. DNA immunization method can bypass these barriers and is able to produce protein/peptide with natural folding and structural integrity, which can be missing during in vitro synthesis. However, naked DNA immunization is reported to display relatively low immune response during immunization process, especially for the large animals, such as monkey, camel, and llama. In order to elevate B-cell activities and improve the quality of antigen, a strategy called heterologous or co-immunization is developed base on naked DNA immunization, namely using target DNA for priming immunization and followed by protein/peptide antigen or other vaccines boost. This strategy is more effective than homologous prime-boost immunizations using multiple doses of the same recombinant proteins or target DNA.

Outline of Heterologous Immunization Service

In terms of the DNA-prime and protein boosting strategy, Creative Biolabs provides the heterologous immunization service for antibody discovery and development, especially for large animals. Related services including but not limited as follow:

Stages Procedures
DNA Design and Plasmid Construction
  • In silico design and codon optimization
  • Gene synthesis
  • Expression vector selection and construction
Recombinant Antigen Preparation
  • Protein/Peptide production and purification
Heterologous Immunization
  • Primer injection with the DNA of interest antigen
  • Second injection with the purified antigen
  • Booster with DNA and purified antigen alternately
  • Titration
Antibody Development
Antibody Production

Immunization with Protein/Peptide/Hapten

Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in conducting coupled peptide and protein immunization as independent or boosting for heterologous immunization. We offer comprehensive services including target antigen synthesis, purification, antigen conjugation (for peptide and hapten), immunization, and titration. Due to the small size and simple structure, peptide/hapten may need to couple with a carrier molecule to increase immunogenicity. Technicians in Creative Biolabs are able to conjugated peptides/hapten with appropriate carrier protein including keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH), ovalbumin, and bovine serum albumin (BSA), to dramatically elevate immune responses.

Comprehensive DNA Immunization Strategies

According to our experienced technical staffs in DNA immunization realm, Creative Biolabs is able to offer comprehensive methods to deliver the DNA to the host animals. The unique Magic™ DNA immunization is one of the feature strategies which can induce good immune response through formulated DNA expression plasmid. Moreover, in vivo electroporation and gene gun strategies can contribute to increasing immune response from delivered DNA plasmid as well.

Heterologous Immunization Service

With our years of experience, scientists from Creative Biolabs are pleased to tailor the best-fit strategies for our clients’ project to meet the specific requirements. We can also develop antibodies from a series of novel sources through our DNA immunization services, which including but not limited to:

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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