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Hybrid Protein Generation Service

Creative Biolabs is highly professional in custom protein engineering. Our services involve hybrid proteins generation for directed evolution to analyze the enzyme mechanism, such as substrate specificity, catalytic activity, and stability. We are confident in providing the best services to our global customers.

Introduction of hybrid proteins

Hybrid proteins contain domains that come from at least two different natural or man-made parent proteins. These domains have various sizes and complexities, including small units of about 10 to 30 amino acids, folded functional units, and large domains of several hundred amino acids that may have enzymatic activity. There are several different types of hybrid proteins, such as single crossover, multiple crossover, and fusion (Fig.1).

Approaches to generating hybrid proteins

There are also several chimeragenesis techniques to generate hybrid proteins for structure-function relationship studies. These techniques contain noncombinatorial and combinatorial approaches.

The advantages of hybrid protein generations in studying structure-function relationship are that large domain can be swapped at once, making it possible to rapidly scan large sequence space. The hybrid enzyme or protein with altered function or mechanism will take detailed insights into enzyme structure, specificity, catalytic efficiency and molecular evolution, which plays a very important role in enzyme research.

Hybrid Protein Generation Service Fig.1 Common types of hybrids created from two parent enzymes.

With years of experience in protein engineering, scientists of Creative Biolabs are specialized in providing various protein engineering services to improve protein stability, affinity kinetics, solubility, activity as well as to discover novel functions, such as combinatorial protein design service, modulation of protein properties services. We can generate various hybrid proteins using the advanced approaches, which have been successfully used in the evolution studies of protein characteristics, such as protein folding, thermo-stability and enzyme activity.

Creative Biolabs has long-term devoted to the development and application of protein engineering. We are able to provide the best services for hybrid proteins generation based on the several powerful chimeragenesis techniques. We are pleased to share our extensive experience and advanced platform to meet our customers’ research.

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