Large Neutral Amino Acids Transporter Family

Large neutral amino acids transporter family is also known as solute carrier family 43 (SLC43 family), which is a group of integral membrane proteins belonging to solute carrier superfamily. The large neutral amino acids transporter family consist of only three genes that encode the transporters with system L amino acid transporter activity including LAT3 (SLC43A1), LAT4 (SLC43A2), and the orphan protein EEG1 (SLC43A3). SLC43A1 and SLC43A2 contain 12 putative transmembrane domains with both N and C termini located intracellularly. They are the Na+ and Cl- -independent neutral amino acid transporters with two kinetic components. SLC43A1 has been required for podocyte development and function. Besides, SLC43A1 transports branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) from liver and skeletal muscle to the bloodstream. SLC43A2 may be involved in the transportation of BCAAs from mother to fetus. However, the physiological roles of EEG1 are not clear.

Here shows part of the SLC43 family in humans including SLC43A1 and SLC43A2, encoded by SLC43A1 and SLC43A2 genes, respectively. SLC43A1 is abundantly expressed in human tissues including pancreas, liver, skeletal muscle and fetal liver. SLC43A2 is most expressed in the placenta, kidney and peripheral blood leukocytes Although the mechanism of transport of SLC43A1 and SLC43A2 is known, their physiological roles still remain quite obscure.

Human SLC43 Family Members

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