Magic™ TCR Repertoire Profiling in Rhesus Monkey

Profiling immune repertoires by high throughput sequencing enhance our understanding of immune system complexity and immune-related diseases. As a long-term expert in the field of immunology, Creative Biolabs has owned lots of scientists who are proficient in analyzing of T cell receptor (TCR) repertoire. Through our Magic™ TCR repertoire analysis platform, we can provide the service of TCR repertoire profiling in rhesus monkey.

The TCR repertoire is a mirror of immune system reflecting processes caused by infections, autoimmunity, aging, and diseases. The adaptive immune system drives the immune response via specific hypervariable TCR molecules. This repertoire is generated by a complex series of genetic events. In recent years, next-generation sequencing (NGS) has been developed to probe the adaptive immune system. TCR repertoire sequencing has played an important role in investigating various human diseases, monitoring disease progress, estimating of minimal residual disease and producing monoclonal antibody production. Despite the extensive application of immune repertoire sequencing technology in humans, it’s very limited in other model organisms. Rhesus monkey is an important animal model for the study of numbers of important human diseases. More than 70 infectious diseases have been investigated in the rhesus monkey model. Therefore, characterization of the TCR sequences of this nonhuman primate is very important. Previously, cloning and Sanger sequencing identified limited numbers of TCR nucleotide sequences in rhesus monkeys, thus their full immune repertoire is unknown. A comprehensive profile of rhesus monkey immune repertoire is urgently needed to help scientists study human infectious disease.

VDJ gene segments usages of TCR β chain in rhesus monkey (Li et al. 2015). Fig.1 VDJ gene segments usages of TCR β chain in rhesus monkey (Li et al. 2015).

Creative Biolabs has established Magic™ TCR repertoire analysis platform for TCR sequencing services. Scientists of Creative Biolabs have designed an approach to characterize the TCR β repertoire of the rhesus monkey immune system by analyzing the beta chain. The process consists of (1) PBMC isolation, (2) genomic DNA extraction, (3) sequencing library preparation, (4) primers design and sequencing. Data is analyzed using our in-house developed immune repertoire analysis pipeline.

Key advantages including but not limited to:

With years of research and development experience in the field of immunology, scientists of Creative Biolabs have performed over hundreds of TCR repertoire sequencing projects and accumulated extensive experiences. We are pleased to provide the best service of TCR repertoire profiling in rhesus monkeys at the most competitive price.

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  1. Li, Z.; et al. Comprehensive analysis of the T-cell receptor beta chain gene in rhesus monkey by high throughput sequencing. Sci Rep. 2015, 5:10092.

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