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Scientists of Creative Biolabs are proficient in protein crystallization research. We have developed a special crystallography which includes all stages for protein crystal structure determination. With rich experience in the field of protein crystallization, Creative Biolabs enables to provide state-of-the-art crystallization services to our customers and accelerate the meaningful research projects.

A variety of protein crystals (Alexander & Josa, 2014)Fig.1 A variety of protein crystals (Alexander & Josa, 2014).

Protein crystallization

Protein crystallization is the process of formation of a protein crystal that was discovered by chance about 150 years ago. The first protein crystal is hemoglobin from worms and fishes. In nature, there has observed several protein crystals. The crystallization of protein has been as a powerful purification tool and as a demonstration of chemical purity. Moreover, protein crystallization plays an important role in scientific and industrial purposes, particularly for study on X-ray crystallography. Protein crystallization is crucial for X-ray crystallography because it serves as the basis for X-ray crystallography. More notably, protein crystallization is generally considered challenging because it depends on a variety of factors, such as the aqueous environment, high-quality and high-purity protein samples, as well as the sensitivity of the protein sample to temperature, pH, ionic strength, etc.

X-ray crystallization

X-ray crystallization is a special technique used for determining the positions of atoms in a crystal, in which the crystallized proteins’ three-dimensional structure can be determined via X-ray diffraction. To data, X-ray crystallization has become the most significant tool for protein structure determination, which makes a deep understanding of protein function. About 90% of the Protein Data Bank (rcsb-PDB) are macromolecular structure and all of which are determined by X-ray crystallography. In X-ray crystallography, the protein crystallization is the key process. After the protein is crystallized, the X-ray diffraction pattern including amplitudes and positions from the crystal are recorded.

Scientists of Creative Biolabs have devoted to protein crystallization for a long time. We have developed a powerful X-ray diffraction platform for crystallization services. We offer a variety of services to assist the demands of our global customers, including:

We are confident in providing the high-quality protein crystallization services. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or directly send us an inquiry.


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