Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Production Using Nanodiscs

As a professional custom service provider in the field of antibody discovery, Creative Biolabs has successfully developed many antibodies against different kinds of membrane proteins. Currently, we are proud to introduce our anti-membrane protein antibody production service using nanodiscs.

Introduction of Nanodiscs

Membrane protein preparation as antigens is one of the major limitations during anti-membrane protein antibody discovery. This is mainly due to their complicated structures, modifications, low natural abundance, unstable conformations in solution, etc. Over years, a variety of methods have been developed to reconstitute membrane proteins into stable, native format for downstream studies, such as detergent micelles, liposomes. Among them, nanodisc technology, which was first invented in 2007, appears as an extra powerful tool. Nanodiscs are formed by self-assembled phospholipids and membrane scaffold proteins derived from human serum apolipoprotein A1. Typically, phospholipids can be solubilized in the detergent, cholate. After adding membrane scaffold proteins into the micelle mixture and removing additional detergent, nanodiscs self-assemble. By changing the amphipathic helix numbers of the apolipoprotein A1, the diameter of nanodiscs can be adjusted from 9.8 to 17 nm, thus they are able to accommodate a range of membrane proteins. Nanodiscs can help to keep your target proteins in their native forms with the folded conformation and intact functions.

Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Production Using Nanodiscs

Advantages of Nanodiscs

There are several advantages of membrane proteins incorporation into nanodiscs compared with other formats (such as polymers, micelles, liposomes, etc.) First, nanodiscs can best mimic of the native and compact membrane environment. Besides, they are more stable and can be prepared in detergent-free method with the help of cell-free expression. Moreover, they are also highly homogeneous with controllable size and membrane protein/lipid ratio, thus membrane proteins can be fixed in either the monomeric or designated oligomeric form. In addition, for application of immunization and selection, the transmembrane domain trapped in nanodiscs will not elicit undesired results.

Features of Membrane Protein Immunogen Preparation in Nanodiscs

Creative Biolabs has gained rich experience in membrane protein immunogen preparation. We have successfully generated many kinds of membrane proteins for our worldwide customers, including GPCR immunogens, ion channel immunogens, and transporter immunogens. Empowered by our versatile Magic™ Platform, we also provide following recombinant membrane protein formats as alternatives:

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