Magic™ Rabbit BCR Repertoire Profiling

Rabbits have been used extensively as a model system for the elucidation of the mechanism of immunoglobulin diversification and for the production of antibodies. Based on our advanced Magic™ B-cell receptor (BCR) repertoire analysis platform, Creative Biolabs is pleased to introduce the service of BCR repertoire profiling in rabbits to all our global customers.

The Potential Application of Rabbit Antibodies

Magic™ Rabbit BCR Repertoire Profiling

The success of antibody-based drugs has fueled the development and refinement of methods for discovery and optimization of more efficacious, safer and developable therapeutic antibodies. Rabbit antibodies are well known for their high affinity, exquisite specificity and ability to recognize unique epitopes. Rabbits are also evolutionarily more distant from humans than mice and rats, and thus can generate antibodies against epitopes conserved between rodent and human antigens. These advantages, compounded with the possibility of obtaining large amounts of antisera relative to mice and rats, make rabbit polyclonal antibodies attractive reagents for research and diagnostics for decades. In the mid-1990s, development of a myeloma rabbit B-cell fusion partner enabled the generation of stable rabbit hybridomas, also raising interest in rabbit V genes as a substrate for the development of therapeutic antibodies. Currently, humanized rabbit antibodies of VH chains are used to build the rabbit immune response. New technologies such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) provide novel methods to study whole natural and manmade repertoires in expedited ways and at relatively low cost. The complete information encoded in antibody repertoires has revealed features of the antibody repertoire of diverse species, which are affecting the theories addressing the origin and evolution of the antibody repertoire.

Schematic drawing of natural rabbit antibodies in IgG format Fig.1 Schematic drawing of natural rabbit antibodies in IgG format (Weber et al. 2017).

Rabbit BCR Repertoire Profiling in Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has established a powerful Magic™ BCR repertoire analysis platform which offers the unparalleled mass sequencing service. For the analysis of BCR repertoire in rabbits, we employ NGS to analyze Ig germline V and J gene usage, CDR3 length and amino acid composition, and gene conversion frequencies within the functional IgG repertoire. Both the heavy chain and the light chain CDR 3 regions of rabbits can be 100% accurately covered. We can provide a comprehensive BCR repertoire involving both the hypermutation and isotype data to our customers.

Key Advantages of Our Rabbit BCR Repertoire Profiling Service

With years of development experience in the field of immunology, Creative Biolabs has owned lots of scientists who are proficient in BCR repertoire profiling in rabbits. Through our high-throughput system, we could accelerate our clients’ related research with the most comprehensive understanding of antibody and with reducing project costs and timelines.

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  1. Weber. J.; et al. From rabbit antibody repertoires to rabbit monoclonal antibodies. Exp Mol Med. 2017, 49(3):e305.

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