Magic™ Unbiased BCR Repertoire Profiling

Creative Biolabs offers the unparalleled mass sequencing service to analyze the B cell receptors (BCR) repertoires on our cutting-edge Magic™ platform. Scientists of Creative Biolabs can also provide unbiased BCR repertoire profiling by high-throughput genome-wide translocation sequencing-adapted repertoire sequencing. We are proud to offer high-throughput, high­fidelity and high­quality sequencing data for our customers all over the world.

Unbiased Analysis Is Urgently Needed in BCR Profiling

The adaptive immune system drives the immune response via specific hypervariable B cell receptor (BCR) molecules. Amazing diversity makes the immune system the most effective system to fight against a broad scope of disease-causing pathogens. The repertoire is generated by a complex series of genetic events. Developing B lymphocytes undergo V(D)J recombination to assemble germline V, D, and J gene segments into exons, which encode the antigen-binding variable region of Ig heavy (H) and light (L) chains. High-throughput next-generation sequencing (NGS) has already had a profound effect on our knowledge of the immune systems physiology. NGS opened an amazing opportunity to perform deep analysis and comparative studies of the BCR repertoire. It has revolutionized this field by allowing massive analysis of BCR repertoires from individual blood samples. It is becoming a powerful tool for deep BCR profiling. BCR mRNA molecules include highly homologous variants. Hence, performing deep and unbiased analysis of millions of BCR mRNA molecules is quite challenging, due to the accumulation of PCR and sequencing bias. Multiple sampling bottlenecks, PCR biases, and cross-contamination at different stages hinder the way of researchers to get the deep, clear, and consistent data. Obtaining high-throughput, high­fidelity and high­quality sequencing data is a critical challenge in BCR repertoire profiling, but it is essential for biomarker analysis and the generation of diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies.

Process of generating a diverse B cell repertoire Fig.1 Process of generating a diverse B cell repertoire (Hou et al. 2016).

Unbiased BCR Repertoire Profiling in Creative Biolabs

To achieve these ends, Creative Biolabs developed a powerful method for unbiased BCR repertoire profiling based our Magic™ platform. We have adopted an unbiased and sensitive method, referred to as high-throughput genome-wide translocation sequencing-adapted repertoire sequencing. Our advanced pipeline for immune repertoire analysis can identify the vast majority of IgH and IgL V(D)J exons, including their unique CDR3 by using specific J primers. We developed cell barcodes for PCR contamination detection and error correction, including error correction of both RT­PCR and base­calling sequencing errors as well as accurate assessment of clonal proportions.

Key Advantages of Unbiased BCR Repertoire Profiling

Diverse Species of Our Unbiased BCR Repertoire Profiling

Applications of Our Unbiased BCR Repertoire Profiling

Equipped with world-leading technology platforms and professional scientific staff in immunology, scientists of Creative Biolabs have performed over hundreds of BCR repertoire sequencing projects and accumulated sufficient experiences. We can provide unbiased BCR repertoire profiling with high-throughput, high­fidelity, and high-quality data. We are pleased to offer the best service with the most accurate results for our global customers.

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  1. Hou, D.; et al. High-throughput sequencing-based immune repertoire study during infectious disease. Front Immunol. 2016, 7:336.

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