Immuno-PCR combines the exponential signal amplification power of PCR with the versatility and flexibility of ELISA and offers great promise for its application in various aspects of biological and medical sciences, as well as clinical diagnostics and forensic medicine. Methods based on Immuno-PCR have been developed in Creative Biolabs. We also offer other ELISA kits for specific detection of disease-related proteins. Our professional team is optimized to help you with high-quality and cost-effective testing service to make your project a success.

How does it work?

Immuno-PCR is an antigen detection system in which polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is used to amplify labeled DNA fragments that specifically attach to antigen-antibody complexes. Since ELISA requires the use of antibodies, it is suitable for any protein but its sensitivity is not sufficient for the detection of analytes of low abundance. Due to the enormous amplification capacity and specificity of PCR, immune-PCR allows the detection sensitivity of specific antigens to be significantly enhanced compared to conventional antigen detection systems such as ELISA. It combines the specificity of ELISA and signal amplification of PCR. The superiority and versatility of immune PCR, including high sensitivity and easy control of contamination, provide great promise for applications in biology, medical science, clinical diagnosis, and forensic medicine.

Digestion of restriction enzymes, heat lysis (usually in PD-IPCR) or direct amplification. Fig.1 Different styles for obtaining the nucleic acids. (Chang, L., 2016)

Advantages of Our Immuno-PCR Based Kits Platforms

Biomolecular detection, particularly at the single cell or even single molecule level, has become extremely important for a variety of purposes, including disease diagnosis. Immunoassays based on the interaction between antigens and antibodies are the most common and fundamental methods used to detect target proteins from relatively large amounts of body liquid or tissue. However, many of these methods have sensitivity limits that curtail their use in modern laboratory diagnostic procedures. PCR can detect extremely low copy numbers of DNA, which satisfies the demand for highly sensitive, fast, and cost-efficient nucleic acid detection. Creative Biolabs has been devoted for the development of highly sensitive, more flexible, quantitative, and easy-to-use Immuno-PCR based Kits, which combines the exponential signal amplification power of PCR with the versatility and flexibility of ELISA.

(a) agarose gel electrophoresis. (b) real-time PCR technique based on sybr green I dye or fluorescent probe. (c) PCR-ELISA. (d) PCRELOSA. Fig.2 Readout of immuno-PCR. (Chang, L., 2016)

Creative Biolabs is a world leader in the development of ELISA based kits and now offers Immuno-PCR based kits for specific detection of disease-related proteins. If you are interested in our ELISA kits development, please feel free to contact us for more details.


  1. Chang, L., (2016). “Immuno-PCR: An ultrasensitive immunoassay for biomolecular detection.” Anal Chim Acta 910: 12-24.

For lab research use only.

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