Creative Biolabs is a world-leading service provider of application-specific antibody development. Here, we introduce our in vitro diagnostic (IVD) antibody development and immunoassay development services targeting the cholesterol marker. We are confident that our commitment to science and research will enable us to offer you the best products and services.

Cholesterol, a fat substance, is an organic lipid molecule that is biosynthesized by all animal cells, and it is a crucial structural component of all animal cell membranes maintained both membrane structural integrity and fluidity. Besides, cholesterol acts as a precursor for the synthesis of steroid hormones and bile acids. Lipoproteins are complex particles formed to transport hydrophobic lipids molecules in water, blood or ECF. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is a group of lipoprotein particles, which transport cholesterol in the blood and around the body used by cells. LDL cholesterol (LDL-C) is an evaluation of how much cholesterol is being carried by all LDL particles, either a high concentration of small particles or a lower concentration of big particles. LDL particles transport a number of fat molecules comprising triglycerides, phospholipids, cholesterol and others. Blood levels of LDL-C are usually determined to evaluate the risk of future heart disease. The amount of cholesterol transported in diverse lipoproteins is able to offer significant information about the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD).

IVD Antibodies for Cholesterol Marker Figure 1. Schematic diagram of the cholesterol circulates in the bloodstream formed lipoprotein HDL and LDL complexes. HDL particles get cholesterol from the circulation and release it back to the liver. LDL cholesterol particles enable to combine with connective tissue of arteries, resulting in atherosclerotic plaques and subsequent coronary artery disease. (Tung, Y. C. L. 2010)

Cardiovascular Disease Marker LDL-C

CVD contains illnesses that are related to the heart, blood vessels (veins, arteries, and capillaries) or both diseases influenced the cardiovascular system. CVD includes a variety of cardiac diseases such as angina, coronary artery disease (CAD), heart failure, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and many vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, renal artery disease, and peripheral artery disease. Official recommendations in the common population use LDL-C in fasting blood as the standard lipid argument in lipid-related risk assessment. Reliable evidence revealed that lowering blood levels of LDL-C decrease the risk of CVD. In addition, a series of prospective population-based studies have confirmed HDL-C as an independent predictor of CV risk.

Cardiovascular Disease Marker HDL-C

High-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) is an evaluation of how much cholesterol is being transported by all HDL particles. HDL is one of the smallest lipoprotein particles contained the highest proportion of protein to lipids. HDL particles carry fat molecules from cells that require export fat molecules, including cholesterol, triglycerides, and phospholipids. Several types of research have proven HDL-C as a strong, independent, inverse predictor of coronary heart disease (CHD) risk. In previous research, HDL-C was a more potent risk factor for CHD than HDL-C, total cholesterol or plasma triglycerides.

IVD Antibodies for Cholesterol MarkerFigure 2. Schematic diagram of cholesterol and lipoproteins in atherosclerosis. This is an example of an artery displaying the development of atherosclerosis. It was recognized that LDL-C and HDL-C are useful predictor of cardiovascular disease risks, both of them are suitable markers for diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. (Jensen, M. K. 2014)

IVD Antibody Development Services Targeting Cholesterol Marker

IVD antibodies are extensively used in immunodiagnostic tools for disease screening and therapeutic monitoring. Through our role as a leading antibody service provider, Creative Biolabs is well-positioned to develop high-quality anti-cholesterol antibodies. Besides antibody generation, Creative Biolabs also offers diagnostic immunoassay development services, including feasibility analysis, assay design, assay protocol establishment, assay optimization, and kit production. If you are interested in our IVD antibody discovery services, please contact us for more details.


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