Protein Tweety Homolog Family

Protein Tweety homolog family in human is suggested to be integral membrane proteins which share a high degree of sequence identity. It consists of three homologs, which are known as protein tweety homolog 1 (hTTY1), protein tweety homolog 2 (hTTY2) and protein tweety homolog (hTTY3). Proteins belonging to the tweety homolog family share common structural features that contain five or six transmembrane domains positioned in a similar arrangement. This arrangement consists of a pair of transmembrane regions, followed by an additional pair of transmembrane regions and a hydrophobic region, which are followed by more transmembrane and hydrophobic regions. They have been suggested to function as chloride channels. Tweety homolog family members are large-conductance Ca²⁺-activated chloride channels and may be involved in the Ca²⁺ signal transduction.

The human protein tweety homolog family is putative maxi-chloride ion channels with differentially induced Cl-channel activity. hTTY1 is a volume-regulated Cl-channel, whose activity is related to cell swelling, while the activity of hTTY2 and hTTY3 is related to ionomycin and calcium ions. Here, the three members of protein tweety homolog family are covered in further detail.

Human Protein Tweety Homolog Family Members

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