Molecular imaging is constantly growing in different areas of preclinical biomedical research. Along with great progress in single domain antibody (sdAb) generation and antibody labeling strategies, different sdAb-based probes have been generated and applied to a variety of imaging modalities, ranging from in vitro and in vivo preclinical imaging to super-resolution microscopy. Creative Biolabs has developed a reliable platform that allows us to use sdAb to trace changes in the living body due to age, genotype, activation or in response to therapy and to map these changes onto a standard atlas or images from different techniques. We provide customized sdAb-based imaging tools (Nano-tracer) development services for worldwide customers according to specific project demands.

SdAbs as Imaging Tools

SdAbs have emerged as important tools for both in vitro and in vivo imaging modalities. Desirable properties include their specificity, superior affinity, stability, fast clearance of unbound sdAb from the circulation, a pharmacokinetic and production profile compatible with short-lived radioisotopes, and ease of production. Several imaging techniques have been successfully optimized for sdAb imaging applications. The majority of in vivo molecular imaging studies have been performed using positron emission tomography (PET) and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), labeling sdAbs with positron-emitting nuclides (such as 68Ga, 18F or 89Zr) and γ-emitting nuclide (99mTc), respectively. In ultrasound imaging, sdAbs have been tagged to contrast agents such as microbubbles or nanobubbles and are mainly used for the visualization of the systemic vasculature. Besides, optical imaging is used to visualize surface lesions during endoscopic examinations.

SdAbs as imaging tool for the visualization of different pathological conditions.Fig.1 SdAbs as imaging tool for the visualization of different pathological conditions. (Erreni, 2020)

Application Fields

The availability of commercial sources to perform camelid immunizations and the production of a library will continue to improve access. Besides immuno-oncology, sdAbs have been developed to image a range of other events such as infectious disease, central nervous system (CNS) diseases, autoimmunity, and cardiovascular and inflammatory conditions. Imaging subjects including but not limited to the following:

Customized Targeted Nano-tracer Development

One-stop Solution

  • Generation and modification of sdAb: Optional imaging techniques and imaging modality
  • Design of sdAb tracers: tailored conjugation strategy-random or site-specific
  • Molecular imaging with Nano-tracer- In vivo biodistribution analysis
  • Statistics analysis

If you are interested in our customized imaging nano-tracer development services, please directly contact us and consult our technical supports online.


  1. Erreni, M.; et al. sdAbs as Versatile Tool for Multiscale Imaging Modalities. Biomolecules. 2020, 10(12): 1695.

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