Creative Biolabs is a leading biotech company simulating human disease in non-human primates (NHPs) models. Our rich scientific expertise, unparalleled modeling capabilities, and high-quality deliveries have earned our company a great reputation worldwide. We guarantee our customers the best-tailored service, and sincerely look forward to working with global researchers to assist their cutting-edge projects with our professional service.

Why are the non-human primates (NHPs) models used to study human disease?

Animal models represent an indispensable toolbox for studying pathogenesis, progression, and immune responses in diverse human diseases. Furthermore, well-developed animal models also constitute an essential part of preclinical evaluation/review of many therapeutic agents, vaccines, medical devices, etc.

In principle, small animal models like rodents and rabbits are more widely used for the initial screening of pharmaceutical reagents, which can provide much beneficial knowledge about drug efficacy, pharmacodynamic/pharmacodynamic characteristics and adverse effects. However, this kind of preliminary data has limited predictivity and accuracy when translation into humans. Non-human primates (NHPs), on the other hand, are genetically the closest species to human. Their disease progression mode is also highly similar to that of humans. Therefore, NHP disease models generally can produce more accurate and convincing data, providing more specific evidence for pathogenesis characterization as well as preclinical research.

Comprehensive NHP Models Available in Creative Biolabs

Our advantages in building NHP models

In Creative Biolabs, we offer various NHP sources (e.g. rhesus macaque, cynomolgus monkey, marmosets, and green monkey) so that our customers can always find a most suitable option. All animals are kept in a clean, large and feed enriched environment to prevent stress and abnormal behaviors. Besides, we also have extensive healthy purpose-bred NHPs, state-of-the-art research facilities, GLP-compliant laboratories, and experienced scientific team. A well-trained group of scientists will be assigned to your project, working closely with you from the initial experimental design to final data analysis, to ensure the most relevant and reliable results can be achieved.

Creative Biolabs has years of experience in the field of building NHP disease models. We also provide adjacent services including PK/PD, toxicology service and NHP biological products. We offer cost-effective service of the best quality while upholding the highest ethical standards of animal care and welfare. Please feel free to contact us for further discussions.

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