Native™ Chicken Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery

Native™ Chicken Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery Empowered by versatile technique platforms, Creative Biolabs has long been focused on discovery and development of first-class antibodies for research and medical applications. Consistently devoted to accelerating the development and innovation pace of anti-membrane protein antibody discovery, now we provide professional service to tailor native chicken IgY anti-membrane protein antibodies based on our exclusive Native™ platform.

Chickens are considered as an ideal host for generating antibodies against mammalian or human immunogens. For one, the distant evolution and gene background enable chickens to recognize any mammalian proteins as foreign antigen and mount vigorous immune responses. Moreover, chicken possesses a special antibody format termed IgY. IgY doesn’t have a mammalian “Fc domain”, thus, it’s not supposed to bind mammalian Fc receptors, avoiding non-specific binding to many immune cells expressing such receptors (e.g., macrophages and dendritic cells). Chicken antibodies have been widely used for oral passive immunotherapies against microbial and viral infections. In addition, these antibodies are avian equivalents of mammalian IgG antibodies but don’t cross-react with antibodies raised against mammalian IgG. IgYs also have higher avidity and higher specificity compared to mammalian IgGs, rendering IgY very valuable resources in laboratory experiments and diagnostic assays.

Membrane proteins are popular drug targets of more than 50% modern drugs. Therefore, anti-membrane protein antibodies are more and more appealing in clinical trials and therapeutic research. With the aid of the unique Native™ antibody discovery platform, Creative Biolabs offers featured service of native anti-membrane protein antibody discovery to generate antibodies with native paired heavy chain and light chain.

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Creative Biolabs provides a dozen of host species based on our all-around platform. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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