Native™ Rabbit Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery

Native™ Rabbit Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery As a leading innovator as well as a dedicated service provider in the field of antibody discovery and development, Creative Biolabs is your trustworthy partner for high-quality anti-membrane protein antibody services. Based on our exclusive Native™ platform, experts from Creative Biolabs are glad to introduce our native rabbit anti-membrane protein antibody discovery service to our worldwide clients.

Anti-membrane protein antibodies have been robust tools in various research and preclinical/clinical areas. Rabbits are commonly used laboratory animals for both monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production. They have been contributing greatly to immunological studies and developing immunological techniques for a long history. There are some advantages using rabbit as an immunization host. First, rabbits belong to the order Lagomorpha, which is evolutionarily distinct from the order Rodentia, to which, mice and rats belong. This makes it possible for rabbits to elicit strong immune responses against foreign antigens, especially those that are tolerated in rodents and other low-immunogenic antigens. Second, rabbit monoclonal antibodies display higher sensitivity and specificity due to the scarcity of inbred rabbit strains. Third, because of the overall larger body sizes of rabbits, a large number of B cells from spleen, bone marrow or blood can always be harvested in rabbits.

Although rabbit can be compatible with many antibody development schemes such as hybridoma as well as phage display, there are some limitations. For example, in vitro antibody discovery results in recombinant VH and VL pairing, which could potentially lead to antibody candidates of suboptimal solubility or other biophysical defects. To overcome the challenges, Creative Biolabs has developed a unique Native™ antibody discovery platform to raise anti-membrane protein antibodies via sorting antigen-specific single B lymphocytes.

Advantages of Native™ Rabbit Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery

Currently, we also provide various other host species as alternatives. If none of the existing species meets your need, you are welcome to contact us, and our talented scientists will be glad to work out a proper solution for you.

As a well-known manufacturer, Creative Biolabs always look forward to sharing our experience and technology to best satisfy custom requests. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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