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RNAi Therapy Development Service

For Research Use Only. Do NOT use in humans or animals.

RNA interference (RNAi) is a process that has been found in all living cells. This mechanism is responsible for inhibiting the expression level or further behavior or development of specific genes. In turn, this inhibition affects the duplication of target genes or results in a lack of certain proteins. RNAi technologies can be exploited for the treatment of diseases through the effective silencing of genes and expression of genes (e.g. oncogenes) that cause diseases.

As a top-ranking service provider in the RNAi-based therapy market, Creative Biolabs pays attention to the latest drug development programs by endogenous RNAi machinery and offers a total solution for RNAi therapy discovery and development, from RNA design, synthesis, profiling, in vitro screening, in vivo validation, and clinical tests to IND filing. Our research team and technical supports ensure top-quality oligonucleotide products and custom services to meet clients’ unique needs.

Early events in the discovery and elucidation of the RNAi pathway. Figure 1. Early events in the discovery and elucidation of the RNAi pathway. (Setten, 2019)

RNAi therapeutics harnesses a highly efficient and selective endogenous process of gene silencing to treat a disease. Since any protein-coding gene may be silenced and with the extensive knowledge of genetic pathways in disease, it’s evident that RNAi therapeutics holds the promise of treating a large range of medical conditions.

As a pharmacological technology, RNAi therapeutics permits more rapid and cost-effective development of drug candidates with an ability to target one gene in a given tissue. As a genetic technology, RNAi therapeutics is extremely amenable to the development of treatment for genetically defined rare diseases. Furthermore, RNAi therapeutics can simultaneously target multiple genes in one drug, therefore, it also has a huge potential to treat complex diseases or drug-resistance diseases, particularly cancers and viral infections.

Summary of the key steps in the development of miRNA therapeutics. Figure 2. Summary of the key steps in the development of miRNA therapeutics. (Rupaimoole, 2017)

With RNAi research coming far in the past decade, a greater understanding of RNAi mechanisms and applications in the treatment of diseases has continued. Nowadays, RNAi technologies are focusing on innovative, state-of-the-art therapies for a number of disease conditions, such as obesity, infectious diseases, and cancers. In the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the concentrate on the development of effective RNAi-based drugs that specifically target a gene of interest may provide vast strides in the treatment and potential reversal of certain diseases.

Turnkey Solutions

In fact, RNAi therapeutics exploits the microRNA (miRNA) pathway. It is a small, 19-23bp endogenously encoded RNA that can silence multiple target genes mainly based on complementarity to the nucleotide positions in target mRNAs. Such recognition results in accelerated degradation of target mRNAs.

Creative Biolabs has examined thousands of varied small RNA datasets, giving a unique insight into RNA research, and has built miRNA discovery, profiling, and bioinformatics services. These comprehensive services are designed to produce reliable and consistent results to advance clients’ biological and biomedical projects. For all types of RNAi studies, our services cover a full range, involving sample preparation & quality control, RNA analysis, in vivo & in vitro tests, bioinformatics analysis, and final data report.

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Creative Biolabs offers all types of RNAi laboratory services, as well as other biotechnology and pharmaceutical services, including RNAi services, pharmacology & toxicology testing (IC-50, LD-50, WB, qPCR), assay development, siRNA library screening & transfection, liposome encapsulation, stable cell lines, cell banking, and cryopreservation services. Here, our standard siRNA development program involves the following steps:

Specifically, we would like to introduce our popular services of RNAi studies in the below, including but not limited to:

RNAi is an attractive new class of therapeutics, especially against undruggable targets for the process of cancer and other diseases. At Creative Biolabs, this technology has been used as a powerful tool to study single gene function both in vitro and in vivo. Remarkably, we provide a multitude of popular RNAi services and featured one-stop solutions that intend to accommodate any requirements of clients all over the world.

RNAi Therapy Development Service

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RNAi is a potent, specific, and highly successful tool for loss-of-function studies in nearly all eukaryotic organisms. As one of the ideal partners currently working on the development of RNAi therapeutics, Creative Biolabs devotes to a deep understanding of the molecular biological basis of RNAi gene silencing and focuses on the design and development of RNAi drugs or novel RNAi pathway agents using mechanisms beyond post-translational RNAi silencing. Based on world-class RNAi core technologies and manufacturing infrastructure, we provide a variety of effective RNAi therapy development strategies and end-to-end services for the research and treatment of challenging diseases.

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For Research Use Only. Do NOT use in humans or animals.

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For Research Use Only. Do NOT use in humans or animals.

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