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Custom Oligonucleotide Synthesis Service

Oligonucleotides (or oligos) are usually made up of 13 to 25 nucleotides used in research, genetic testing and forensics. Oligonucleotides have been one of the most important tools in modern molecular biology. Without oligos, modern biotechnology, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical industries couldn’t develop and exist. Creative Biolabs provides oligonucleotide synthesis services via solid-phase synthesis. We hold the commitment to offering unmatched services coupled with a dedication to advancing your programs. When you partner with Creative Biolabs as your trusted supplier, you will maximize your budget and resources with our expertise in designing and synthesizing complex oligonucleotides, including microRNAs (miRNA), small-interfering RNAs (siRNAs), messenger RNA (mRNA), bridged nucleic acid (BNA), and the others.

Oligonucleotide Synthesis Platform

Creative Biolabs’ synthesis platforms vary in speed and flexibility, normally we use solid-phase synthesis to produce an oligonucleotide. This means that oligonucleotides will be tethered to a solid surface when they are being made. In other words, within the solid-phase synthesis, an oligonucleotide being assembled is covalently bound, via its 3'-terminal hydroxyl group, to solid support material and remains attached to it over the entire course of the chain assembly. This synthesis process begins with the 3’-most nucleotide and proceeds through a series of cycles composed of four steps that are repeated until the 5’-most nucleotide is attached. These four steps are deprotection (A), condensation (B), capping (C), and oxidation (D) shown in Figure 1.

The Phosphoramidite Approach for Oligonucleotide Synthesis. Figure 1. The phosphoramidite approach for oligonucleotide synthesis. (Roy, 2013)

Synthesis Services Types

Creative Biolabs can synthesize complex oligonucleotides, including miRNA, siRNAs, mRNA, BNA, etc. We also offer custom services for custom to synthesize their desired oligonucleotides. According to your research’s requirement, we can provide personalized solutions based on your special oligonucleotide modification. The oligonucleotide synthesis services we provided include but not limited to:

Key Advantages

Creative Biolabs will continue to adapt and advance technologies and techniques in parallel to ensure the success for customers worldwide. The core of a successful working relationship is being flexible to their desired requirements. We aspire to become the trusted service provider of your first choice. Our advanced technologies and highly experienced staffs are available to advance your program and reduce the whole discovery and development timeline. If you have any questions or some specific requirements about oligonucleotide synthesis, please feel free to contact us for more information.


  1. Roy, S.; Caruthers, M. (2013). Synthesis of DNA/RNA and their analogs via phosphoramidite and H-phosphonate chemistries. Molecules. 18(11): 14268-14284.

For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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