Leucine-rich Repeat-containing Protein Family

Leucine-rich repeat-containing (LRRC) protein family consists of several hundred member proteins which are characterized by two or more leucine-rich repeated motifs (LRR). The function of LRR motifs is suggested to provide a versatile framework for forming protein-protein interactions. Among LRRC proteins, LRRC52, LRRC55, LRRC38, and LRRC26 are identified as auxiliary proteins of BK (Big conductance of K+) channels, which can leftward shift GVs of Slo1 channels from several tens to 120 mV. Whereas, LRRC8A, LRRC8B, LRRC8C, LRRC8D, and LRRC8E are identified as subunits of the heteromer protein volume-regulated anion channel (VRAC) which play crucial roles in the regulation of cell size by transporting chloride ions and various organic osmolytes. Studies have shown that transmembrane LRRC proteins are expressed exclusively in the nervous system, and extracellular LRR domains can serve as protein-protein interaction motifs. Furthermore, LRRC proteins have diverse physiological functions including antibacterial reaction, maintenance of normal cardiac function, regulation of trafficking of membrane receptors and regulation of the activity of ion channels, etc.

Here, we have described in details of members of the LRRC protein family, which includes but not limited to leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 26, leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 38, and leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 52. To learn more detailed information, please click the links below.

Human LRRC Protein Family Members

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