Creative Biolabs has made a long-term commitment to developing next-generation antibody therapies with our extensive expertise and world-class technology platforms. Our scientists currently are pleased to introduce our professional service of neutralization assays to our worldwide clients. Based on our integrated cell-based platform, we can provide services for evaluating the neutralizing functions of antibody candidates against different substances.

Introduction to Antibody Neutralization Activity

Neutralizing antibodies represent one important category of antibody therapeutics, which are intended to alter the bioactivity of target components through forming Ag-Ab complexes. In immunogenicity test, the presence of neutralizing antibodies, or anti-drug antibodies (ADA) often leads to abnormal PK behaviors or efficacy loss of corresponding drugs. On the other hand, antibodies that are capable of neutralizing harmful substances, i.e. viruses and cytokines, can be of great therapeutic potential. Currently, there have emerged plenty of antibody therapies based on neutralization mechanisms for the treatment of various infectious diseases, endocrine disorders, etc. Neutralization assays are specially designed to routinely validate and measure the therapeutic action of such antibodies.

The different biological effects of antibodies, including virus and toxin neutralization. Fig.1 The different biological effects of antibodies, including virus and toxin neutralization. (Casadevall, 2004)

Neutralizing Targets

Creative Biolabs offers antibody neutralization assays that are specifically designed to measure antibody neutralization potential against different targets, including but not limited to:

  • Virus - Therapeutic antibodies that block virus replication have shown clinical success. By specifically binding to the surface of viral particles, antibodies can neutralize the virus particles, thereby reducing the viral infectivity. With a full menu of pathogenic viruses as well as pseudotyped viruses available, we can help you find a suitable target to detect antibodies that can neutralize virus infection.
  • Cytokine - Inflammatory cytokines are key regulators of immune responses. Therefore, neutralizing cytokines or antagonizing their receptor function is considered as a useful therapeutic strategy to treat diseases, such as autoimmune diseases.
  • Toxin - Toxin-neutralizing antibodies offer an opportunity to block key virulence factors of microbial pathogens and thus are attractive for therapeutic development because traditional antimicrobial drugs can kill the microbes but do not eradicate pre-formed toxins.

Test Materials

We can deal with purified antibodies or rough samples like antiserum, ascites, and tissue culture supernatants.

Target Cells

To validate whether the neutralization activities can translate into therapeutic effects, we must further investigate the biological changes of target cells in response to neutralizing agents. In fact, the cell-based format is strongly recommended by the regulatory department as it can best reveal the mechanism by which neutralizing antibodies exert their effects in vitro. After co-incubation of target cells for the indicated time, the antibody-target mixture will be transferred to target cell cultures in a 96-well plate. We apply appropriate controls to each group to ensure assay validity.

Assay Endpoints

We provide various endpoints that can be tailored according to different research objectives. For pathogens, we usually identify its infectivity by the presence of a cytopathic effect (CPE) on target cells, or the reduction of proliferative effects, i.e. plaque reduction neutralization testing (PRNT), which has always been considered as a standard neutralization indicator for viruses. Besides, cell viability or cell lysis measurement like MTT, MST, trypan blue, is also another suitable choice. Our scientists also have extensive experience in designing customized readouts upon request.

We also provide ligand-binding assays to measure binding affinities as well as to evaluate neutralization efficacy in case cell-based format is difficult. Moreover, enzymatic activity analysis is also available if your antibody candidate is enzyme-neutralizing. With this highly sensitive, highly specific platform, Creative Biolabs can guarantee our clients with reliable and consistent outcomes to accelerate their diverse projects. Besides, our flexible platform is friendly to multiple assay formats and can be precisely tailored to meet all kinds of specific demands. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or directly sent us an inquiry.


  1. Casadevall, A.; et al. Passive antibody therapy for infectious diseases. Nature Reviews Microbiology. 2004, 2(9): 695.

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