Cytokine-expressing Oncolytic Virus

Oncolytic viruses have developed rapidly clinically as they can employ multiple different mechanisms to target and destroy cancer cells. In addition to directly oncolytic efficacy on tumor cells, oncolytic viruses can induce a potent immune response within the tumor which can overcome localized immune suppression, and even have an in situ vaccination effect. The oncolytic efficacy of oncolytic viruses can be enhanced through the expression of therapeutic transgenes like cytokines. Creative Biolabs provides best-in-class products and services of cytokine-expressing oncolytic viruses to promote oncolytic virotherapy widespread adoption in preclinical and clinical research.

Oncolytic viruses can be designed to lyse tumor cells and to recruit immune responses against virally infected cells. This immune response has the ability to target the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment and enhance the immune effector response against bystander tumor cells. Creative Biolabs has focused on engineering oncolytic viruses by combining virotherapy with other immunomodulatory agents that redirect better and improve the immunotherapeutic response.

Cytokine-expressing Oncolytic Virus

Multiple cytokine-expression oncolytic viruses are designed to shift the immune balance, induce tumor cytotoxicity and improve the immune response in preclinical and early-stage clinical stages.

  • GM-CSF can enhance the antigen presentation response during oncolytic virotherapy by improving granulocyte differentiation, monocyte migration into tissue, and dendritic and macrophage cell maturation.
  • IL-2 can improve antitumor activity, and the T and NK cytotoxic activity with reduced systemic toxicity.
  • IL-12 has direct antitumor activity (anti-angiogenesis), promotes IFN-γ production, as well as improves immune effector functions.
  • IL-15 can effective in boosting antitumor response with less toxic and it has been successfully used in Newcastle disease virus, adenovirus and vesicular stomatitis virus.
  • IL-24 can selectively induce cancer cell apoptosis.

Creative Biolabs has built an advanced oncolytic virus engineering platform which provides a series of purified cytokine-expressing oncolytic virus, including herpes simplex virus and vaccinia virus. Except for the following existing products, we provide customized, standardized and reliable high-quality services to meet the specific need of our clients for different cytokine genes. Please feel free to contact us for more information and a detailed quote.


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