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Oncolytic Virus in vitro Validation Study

Creative Biolabs offers a variety of prove-of-concept in vitro assays services for engineered oncolytic virus to test the virus functional activity. In vitro POC assays include but are not limited to plaque purification assay, identity assay, replication assay, tumor lytic assay, transgene expression assay, and transgene functional assay.

Plaque Purification Assay

Oncolytic virus is engineered by homologous recombination from parental virus. The recombination rate is low and parental virus has growth superiority. In order to get purified engineered oncolytic virus, several rounds of plaque purification must be performed. Scientist in Creative Biolabs has developed optimal method to do the plaque purification assay for oncolytic virus engineering.

Identity Assay

During oncolytic virus engineering, pathogenic factors are mutated and transgenes are inserted. Identity assay must be developed to confirm the engineered oncolytic viruses. Identity assays include analysis of pathogenic genes, transgenes, viral specific genes or proteins.

Replication Assay

Virus attenuation, mutation or transgene insertion may change the parental virus replication capacity. The length and location of transgene insertion affects the virus replication in different tumor cells. Scientists in Creative Biolabs have developed different assays to analyze the replication capacity of recombinant oncolytic virus.

Tumor Lytic Assay

The efficacy of oncolytic virus is the tumor cell killing ability. After manipulation, oncolytic virus may change or lose its tumor lytic capacity due to changes in important factors for tumor cell lysis.

Transgene Expression Assay

Transgene insertion into oncolytic virus genome usually uses the viral transcription system or promoter to induce the transgene expression. qPCR and/or western blotting can be used to qualitatively and quantitively analyze the transgene expression in recombinant oncolytic virus.

Transgene Functional Assay

Transgene functional assay is usually developed based on transgene type and activity. Immunology and cell biology techniques can be used to develop functional assay for transgene.

Oncolytic virus in vitro Validation Study

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