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Creative Biolabs is committed to accelerating the discovery, research, development, and manufacturing of oncolytic virus therapeutics. We employ professional and motivated talents to support our growing business. We focus on providing our employees with a fulfilled and rewarding work life, and a whole set of essential work skills and beyond, as well as supporting their personal aspirations.

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Current Job Opportunities (USA)

Sales Manager, Oncolytic Virus

The Sales Manager, Oncolytic Virus will be responsible for identifying and nurturing opportunities to promote sales of oncolytic virus products and services to both new and existing customers through outbound and inbound inquires.

Senior Scientist, Oncolytic Virus

The Project Manager, Oncolytic Virus will lead the laboratory team members to complete the contract research on oncolytic virus therapy according to customer needs.

Preclinical R&D Strategy Expert, Oncolytic Virus

The Preclinical R&D Strategy Expert, Oncolytic Virus will be responsible for managing and coordinating our internal and external preclinical drug discovery efforts, and partnering with other members of the leadership team to leverage our oncolytic virus platforms and to build and grow the company's therapeutic portfolio.

Principal Scientist, Oncolytic Virus

The Principal Scientist, Oncolytic Virus will be responsible for the discovery, design, and evaluation of novel oncolytic viruses and therapeutic strategies, working collaboratively across all research functions to drive the development of technology platforms.

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All products and services are for Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.

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