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Approaches to Delivery of Oncolytic Viruses

Delivery of Oncolytic Viruses

Oncolytic viruses have the potential to powerfully and selectively kill cancer cells and have shown impressive efficacy in preclinical and clinical settings. However, their potential can be restricted by inefficient delivery into the complex tumor environment. Thus, the efficient delivery of oncolytic viruses remains a significant challenge in the field of oncology, limiting their therapeutic effect. Cancer patients have many antiviral defense mechanisms that all need to be penetrated or overcome for the oncolytic virus therapy to be effective. For example, oncolytic viruses in the blood can be neutralized by antibodies and complement, bound by receptor-positive non-target cells, or cleared by phagocytes.

A variety of delivery methods have been employed for these oncolytic virus agents; among them, the intratumoral delivery is the most widely used. A broad range of oncolytic viruses has been delivered via intratumoral injection in treating easily reachable solid tumors. However, the result of inaccessible or metastatic disease is still overcoming. So that, systemic delivery of oncolytic viruses affords attractive options to treat not only the primary tumor but also the advanced/metastatic disease or the inaccessible disease. Maximizing delivery to infect tumor cells has a profound impact on the degree to which the oncolytic viruses propagate from infected cells for curative therapy.

Systemic delivery of oncolytic viruses. Fig.1 Systemic delivery of oncolytic viruses. (Wong, 2010)

Current Approaches to Delivery of Oncolytic Viruses

Many prior studies have been done to optimize the systemic delivery of oncolytic viruses. Several approaches can be taken to effectively and uniformly deliver enough quantity of oncolytic viruses to sites of tumor growth to seed a destructive tumor infection. These benefits include the maximization of the drug concentration at the target lesion with a lower dose where they are maximally retained with limited elimination.

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