Oncolytic Adenovirus Construction Kit

Oncolytic Adenovirus Construction Kit

Oncolytic adenoviruses are among the most popular viruses used for cancer treatment. The genome is a linear, double-stranded DNA of approximately 36kb and divided into early (E1-4) and late (L1-5) transcripts. Most adenoviral vectors used for gene therapy are based on Ad5 which uses the Coxsackie-Adenovirus Receptor (CAR) to enter cells. High-titer levels of transgene expression adenovirus is perfect for targeting a wide range of dividing and non-dividing cell types. Oncolytic adenoviruses have been designed to kill tumor cells more specifically and enhance oncolytic potency and biosafety. Creative Biolabs is the adenovirus experts in the industry with a skilled team of scientists and years of experiences.

Creative Biolabs offers multiple oncolytic adenovirus construction kits for the expression of your gene of interests (GOI) on the oncolytic adenovirus genome. Oncolytic adenovirus construction kit is suitable for in vitro assays and in vivo gene delivery applications which has been shown to successfully expressed transgenes in many tissues including brain, heart, liver, lung and skeletal muscle.

The major components of the oncolytic adenovirus construction kit include:

  • Pre-constructed shuttle plasmids respectively contains a part of the adenoviral genome, which can directly form the cosmid of the intact adenovirus by terminal ligation.
  • An optimized cell line, 293A, allows production and amplification of the recombinant adenovirus with higher titer.
  • Positive control vector that can be used to generate a control adenoviral stock in your transfection experiment to help optimize expression conditions.

Types of the Oncolytic Adenovirus Construction Kit

Double-armed oncolytic adenovirus construction kit

The major deleted of the shuttle plasmids are an E1 and E3-substituted with the gene of interest controlled by the human cytomegalovirus (CMV) promoter or the tumor-selective promoter. To ensure replication deficiency, the E1 gene is substituted which leads to adenovirus not being integrated into the host genome upon transduction and the presence of the viral genome is transient. The E3 is involved in evading host immunity and is not essential for virus production. Except for E1 and E3 genes, E2 and E4 genes also can be substituted and arming oncolytic adenovirus with transgenes in order to more specific target cancer cells and enhance oncolytic potency. The shuttle vectors contain the elements required to allow packaging of the expression constructs into virions.

Capsid-modified oncolytic adenovirus construction kit

Capsid-mutant are mainly containing the adenoviral protein IX, hexon and fiber. The pIX is the most important protein that have multiple roles including acting as a transcriptional activator and reorganizing nuclear proteins to provide an environment more beneficial for virus replication, and as a platform for the presentation ligands for virus retargeting and fluorescent proteins for visualizing the virus in vitro and in vivo. The capsid-modified of adenovirus are of lower immunogenicity and toxicity.

miRNA-regulated oncolytic adenovirus construction kit

The RNA interference (RNAi) is a biological process that inhibits gene expression or translation by neutralizing targeted mRNA molecules. The upstream of the E1, E2 and E4 genes are the insertion sites of the miRNA under the control of U6 promoter. Many recombinant oncolytic adenoviruses that express miRNA has already applicated in a variety of cancers.

Advantages of the Oncolytic Adenovirus Construction Kit

  • Allowing high-efficient, easy cloning of a specific interest gene into adenovirus
  • Allowing generation of high titer adenoviral stocks in 293 cell line
  • Efficiently delivering the gene of interest in vitro and in vivo
  • High customized services and individualized support to meet specific research demands
  • Best after-sale service

Oncolytic adenovirus construction kit is designed to help create an adenovirus to deliver and transiently express a gene of interest in target cells. These kits have been designed to simplify and greatly enhance the efficiency of generating high-titer, recombinant adenovirus. Creative Biolabs provides various kits with shuttle plasmids under the control of different promoters to choose based on your researches. If you don’t find the oncolytic adenovirus construction kit you want in the list we provide, we can also provide the customized service that express your gene of interest under the control of your own promoter of choice. For more information about the oncolytic adenovirus construction kit, please contact us.

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