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Oncolytic Virotherapy Development for Combination Therapy with Chemoradiotherapy

Oncolytic viruses have shown their antitumor activity via multiple mechanisms, providing multiple opportunities for enhancing cancer immunotherapy. Oncolytic viruses are of versatility and safety, and emerging clinical data support a role for oncolytic viruses in combination treatments with other cancer therapeutics. With extensive experience in all aspects of oncolytic virotherapy, Creative Biolabs provides one-stop oncolytic virotherapy development services of combination therapy with chemoradiotherapy.

The combination of chemotherapy and OV therapy leads to a higher response rate due to increased tumor cell death and enhanced entry of the virus into chemotherapy-exposed tumor cells compared with using oncolytic virus alone. Similarly, the combination treatment of both radiation therapy and OV therapy results in increased anti-tumor activity in numerous preclinical models through radiation-mediated enhancement of viral oncolysis and virus-mediated selective sensitization of cells to radiation therapy. Scientists in Creative Biolabs have developed a scientific combination therapy platform that contains various oncolytic virus, different chemotherapy drugs and method of radiation therapy to fit various types of disease.

Our combination of oncolytic virotherapy and chemoradiotherapy services include but not limited to:

Development of OVs combine with radiation therapy

Depending on the mechanism of synergy, and formulate reasonable treatment regime about time and order to enhance therapeutic efficacy. We provide multiple oncolytic virus with genetic modifications to protect viral DNA from unwanted repair and enhance synergy in combination approaches.

We provide adenovirus CV706, CV787, CG7870, ONYX-015 and Ad5-based vectors which can combine with radiation therapy for research in vivo like A549 lung cancer cells, and in vitro, such as established subcutaneous LNCaP xenografts in nude mice and female athymic mice. In order to increase the combinatorial efficacy, AdΔ24 (E1A-deleted) was modified to express the tumor suppressor gene p53 which improves the radio-sensitivity of infected cells.

Significant improvements have also been observed with combination of HSV and radiation therapy in preclinical models. HSV, NV1020, NV1066 and G207, can be applied to A549 and H1299 lung cancer cell lines and xenografts flank tumor model established in athymic mice to verify the improvements of tumor killing and synergistic antitumor activity.

Chemotherapy Drugs Combined with OVs

We supply various chemotherapy drugs derived from different categories to combine with OVs which benefits tumor regression, reduction of metastases and increased survival relative.

Oncolytic Virotherapy Development for Combination Therapy with Chemoradiotherapy

Creative Biolabs has long devoted to the further development and application of oncolytic virotherapy for combining different types of cancer immunotherapy. Based on advanced technology and years of experience in oncolytic virotherapy study, we devote to formulating a rational, potentially synergistic combination strategy which is subject to clients’ demands that can be safely and easily used in the preclinical study to attain long-term goal of such treatments. Our scientists are sparing no effort to devise more tailored combination approaches designed to restore effective host antitumor immunity through achieving synergistic efficacy while minimizing dosage and toxicity.


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