Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider that focuses on antibody discovery and production for various applications. Now, we introduce our high-quality IVD (in vitro diagnostic) antibody and immunoassay development services to global clients. Our services target a wide range of disease biomarkers with diagnostic or prognostic potential, such as the lipocalin-type prostaglandin D-synthetase (L-PGDS) marker.

Introduction to L-PGDS Marker

IVD Antibody & Immunoassay Development Services for L-PGDS Marker

L-PGDS is a protein responsible for catalyzing the conversion of prostaglandin H2 (PGH2), a common precursor of various prostanoids, to prostaglandin D2 (PGD2), a potent endogenous somnogen, a nociceptive modulator, and an allergic mediator). As a member of the lipocalin family, L-PGDS binds and transports small lipophilic ligands such as retinoids, steroids, thyroid hormones, biliverdin, and bilirubin. Studies have shown that L-PGDS is expressed in a wide range of tissues, such as the brain, retina, cochlea, and male genital organs. L-PGDS is also abundant in biological fluids such as cerebrospinal fluid, ascites, seminal plasma, serum, urine, and amniotic fluid. Furthermore, L-PGDS is the same protein as β-trace, which was originally discovered in 1961 as a major protein of human major cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and later identified in the seminal plasma, serum, and urine. Therefore, the L-PGDS/β-trace concentration in body fluids may be a useful clinical marker for various diseases.

L-PGDS as a Biomarker for Disease Diagnosis

L-PGDS has been investigated in recent years to be a biomarker for the diagnosis of different diseases, including neurological disorders, dysfunction of sperm formation, cardiovascular diseases, and renal diseases. Inoue et al. (2008) measured the serum levels of L-PGDS in patients suspected of having stable coronary artery disease (CAD) and found that the L-PGDS level is powerful in evaluating the severity of CAD. Nishida et al. (2014) determined the levels of L-PGDS in patients with disproportionately enlarged subarachnoid-space hydrocephalus (DESH). The results showed that L-PGDS levels in CSF were significantly decreased in DESH patients compared to non-DESH patients, supporting the diagnostic value of L-PGDA as a CSF biomarker for idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus (iNPH). Kinoshita et al. (2014) found that the plasma and urinary L-PGDS concentrations were significantly higher in preeclamptic patients than the normal pregnant women, indicating that L-PGDS may be a potential diagnostic tool for preeclampsia.

IVD Antibody & Immunoassay Development Services Provided by Creative Biolabs

Antibody-based IVD tools have been extensively used for disease screening, disease activity evaluation, and therapeutic monitoring. Immunoassays based on different technology platforms have been developed for these purposes. Through our role as a leading antibody development company, Creative Biolabs is proud to provide novel L-PGDS-specific antibody and immunoassay development services. We provide services including antigen design, antibody generation, recombinant protein expression, and assay development, validation, and production. For more information, please click the following links:

Workflow for production of an Immunoassay

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