Rodent tumor models have proven to be essential in identifying novel cancer genes and tumor biomarkers, gaining insight into the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying tumor initiation and multistage processes of tumorigenesis, and providing better clinical models in which to test novel therapeutic strategies. With years of experience serving hundreds of clients all over the world, Creative Biolabs has become a world leader in the industry of rodent tumor models. Our scientists are proud to provide you various types of rodent tumor models and assist you in selecting the most appropriate one for your research.

Rodent Tumor Models

Tumors are supposed to arise out of the accumulation of multiple genetic aberrations that transform cells, which lead to abnormal growth, proliferation, and metastasis of cells. Studies of these aberrations and understanding how they contribute to the pathophysiology of cancer are necessary for improvements in diagnosis and therapy. Rodent animals have been studied as tumor models in the laboratory for century. Compared with any other animal model systems, rodent tumor models have revolutionized our ability to study tumors in vivo and figure out the molecular mechanisms of cancer pathogenesis.

Rodent Tumor Models

Advantages of Rodent Tumor Models

  • Easy for genetic manipulation.

The development of genetic manipulation in mice has facilitated the profile of defined genetic alterations which can be controlled temporally and spatially for accurately mimicking the pathophysiology of human tumors.

  • The similarity of mice and human genetics.

Genome sequencing of mice and many other rodents reveals the extent of cross-species genomic similarity, which considerably increased the value of animal models for study on cancer as well as many other human diseases. The use of rodents as tumor models has provided extraordinary insight into the biology and genetics of human cancers.

  • Other common features as an animal model.

For instance, small size, inexpensive and easy to handle, rapid propagation and good-sized litters of offspring.

Now Available in Creative Biolabs!

Due to the rich experience of rodent study, many methods, strategies, techniques, data, and reagent resources have been established. However, an animal model should be selected according to the scientific questions to be answered. There is no single perfect model for oncotherapy research, and no single system can be supposed to be applicable to solve all problems.

To meet the increasing need of tumor models, Creative Biolabs offers a breadth of quality rodent tumor models for our worldwide clients. With years of experience in the industry of animal model and excellent professional skills, our scientists are proud to help you identify the most appropriate rodent models for your research of interest. And you can also explore our extensive and broad-based library of rodent tumor models to find the one you need.

Following is the list of available rodent tumor models at Creative Biolabs, which are used in different ways to explore the biology features of cancer:

If you have any special needs in the establishment of rodent tumor models or be interested in learning more about Creative Biolabs' animal models or drug discovery service, please contact us for more details.

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