Diseases of the kidney and urinary system are causing many deaths every year, making it urgent to discover new therapeutics. Currently, the application of animal models in preclinical research of drug efficacy test is of great importance. With sufficient expertise in disease model establishment, Creative Biolabs provides a wide range of urological system disease models, including surgical models, nephrotoxic models, and immune-mediated models, as well as the most comprehensive services for drug discovery and efficacy testing of potential novel therapeutics.

Rodent Urological System Disease Models

Models of Glomerulonephritis

Human glomerulonephritis (GN) is a progressive inflammation of the glomeruli that can be caused by a variety of underlying disorders. Creative Biolabs provides models that mimic human mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis (Thy-1 Nephritis model) and anti-GBM nephritis (Anti-GBM Disease Model).

Acute Kidney Failure (ARF) Models

ARF is a common and potentially life-threatening complication after ischemia/reperfusion and/or exposure to nephrotoxic agents, including cisplatin, gentamicin, NSAID, etc. It is a reversible condition in which there is a sudden decline in renal function, manifested by hourly/daily/weekly elevation in serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen (BUN). Creative Biolabs offers ARF models induced by different toxins/drugs and surgery.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Models

CKD is defined as the progressive loss of kidney function over a period of months or years, which is a worldwide public health problem with rising incidence and prevalence. The main pathologies of CKD are glomerulosclerosis, tubulointerstitial inflammation, and fibrosis. Creative Biolabs provides rodent CKD models that has been studied extensively, including chemically-induced and surgically-induced models for the assessment of potential novel therapies.

Cystitis Models

Interstitial cystitis (IC), also called bladder pain syndrome (BPS), is a type of chronic condition caused by inflammation of the bladder wall. The clinical symptoms of IC are often involved with a constant condition of recurrent urinary frequency, nocturia, suprapubic and pelvic pain. Creative Biolabs provides rodent cystitis models induced by chemical irritants, such as cyclophosphamide, and lipopolysaccharide.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Models

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), also known simply as lupus, is an autoimmune disorder characterized by high levels of autoantibody production and multi-organ tissue damage´╝îincluding skin, kidney, heart, lungs, and joints. We provide both spontaneous SLE mouse models and induced models of Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) disease for preclinical studies as well as pathogenesis research.

Our scientific team will assist you from the initial experimental design to final data analysis, to ensure the most relevant and reliable results can be achieved. Various parameters or endpoints can be measured and analyzed. To be specific, examples of blood, urine, isolated glomeruli or tubules, and kidney tissue can be obtained, processed and analyzed by Creative Biolabs or sent directly to our clients. Other parameters that can be measured include, but are not limited to:

  • Renal function (e.g., creatinine, blood urea nitrogen (BUN), and urine proteins)
  • Histopathological observations (e.g. H&E, PAS)
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Electron microscopy observation
  • Western blot

With a full understanding of the importance of choosing appropriate disease models based on a specific research objective to ensure the success of in vivo pharmacology studies, Creative Biolabs provides not only an abundant battery of disease models that are well-characterized but also custom services for our clients to meet their specific requirements.

Furthermore, our hands-on approach and our collaborative interactions with our clients means that our scientists will work closely with you to learn the specific preclinical study requirements and assist you from initial study design to final reporting of your data to provide dependable, reproducible results.

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