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Amino Modifiers

Amino modifiers are used for introducing a primary amino or amine (NH2) group into the oligonucleotides (oligos). Furthermore, an amino modifier may also be available to customers who wish to print their own oligonucleotide-based microarrays. Several amino modifiers are available at Creative Biolabs, and we will negotiate with our customers to define specific requirements and expectations to meet their objectives. At the same time, our advanced technologies and highly experienced staffs are committed to advancing your program and reducing the overall development timeline.

An Overview

An amino modifier can be placed at the 5'-end, 3'-end or internally using an amino-dC or amino-dT modified base. If scientists want to use oligo to attach another molecule or receptor during the drug discovery and development, amino modifiers are useful tools. The amino modifier is used to introduce a primary amino group into the oligo. A variety of different modifications are available and can be selected depending on individual design requirements. A primary amino group is useful for a variety of coupling reactions that can be used to attach various labels to the oligo.

Amino Modifiers Services

At Creative Biolabs, we offer three categories of amino modifiers for our customers, respectively are 5’ amino modifiers, 3’ amino modifiers, and internal amino modifications. There are 8 types of 5’amino modifiers; 2 types of 3’ amino modifiers; in terms of internal amino modifications, they refer to vary and/or altered dA, dC, dG and dT residues.

Types of Amino Modifier

5’ Amino modifiers are designed for use in DNA synthesizers to functionalize the 5'-terminus of the target oligo. The 5'-amino modifiers can be designed with a variety of chain lengths to fit exactly the desired application.

  1. Amino modifier C6 is used for standard 5' labeling. There is a primary amino group at the end of a six-carbon spacer within this modification. Moreover, it is used to attach compounds where proximity to the oligo poses no problem.
  2. 5’ Amino modifier (C6). Figure 1. 5’ Amino modifier (C6).

  3. Amino modifier C12 increases the distance between the functional amine and the DNA sequence. It is recommended whenever steric or charge considerations require greater distance between the oligo and ligand or surface.
  4. 5’-DMS(O)MT-Amino-Modifier-C6
  5. 5’-Amino-Modifier-C3-TFA (trifluoroacetic acid protecting group on amine)
  6. 5’-Amino-Modifier-C12
  7. 5’-Amino-Modifier-C6-TFA (trifluoroacetic acid protecting group on amine)
  8. 5’-Amino-dT
  9. 5’-Amino-Modifier-5

For 3' labeling amino modifier, C7 or C3 is commonly used. This amino modifier contains a branched seven-carbon, or three-carbon spacer respectively.

  1. 3’-Amino-Modifier-C7-CPG
  2. 3'-Amino-Modifier-C3-CPG

Internal amino-functions can be introduced to oligo sequences by a lot of strategies. Amino modifier C6-dA, amino modifier C6-dC, amino modifier C6-dG and both amino modifier C6-dT can be added in place of a dA, dC, dG and dT residue, respectively. What’s more, amino modifier C2 dT can be employed for internal labeling.

The core of a successful working relationship between customers and Creative Biolabs is that we are flexible to clients’ requirements. Creative Biolabs will provide special services based on customers’ requirements. We aspire to become the trusted solution provider of your first choice. If you have any special requirements in amino modifiers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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