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GTOnco™ Cytokine Response Assay (In Vivo)

Generally, cytokine production, to a considerable extent, controls an immune response. Therefore, the characterization of cytokine release is important for understanding the nature of the immune response. However, it has been difficult to directly measure in vivo cytokine release because many cytokines are catabolized, utilized, or excreted shortly after they are produced, such as IL-4 and IFN-γ. To better determine in vivo cytokine production, Creative Biolabs has successfully established several cytokine response assay methods to detect the cytokine secretion in vivo. GTOnco™ cytokine response assays provide important and useful information and the results can reflect in vivo cytokine release by the whole animal rather than a single organ.

Currently, the in vivo cytokine capture assay (IVCCA) has been used in cytokine detection, which enhances the sensitivity of detecting in vivo cytokine secretion by increasing the half-life of secreted cytokines. Scientists at GTOnco™ are able to conduct the IVCCA for cytokine analysis, especially the short-half-life cytokine (i.e., IL-2, IFN-γ, TNF-α). The animals will be injected with a biotinylated neutralizing anti-cytokine monoclonal IgG antibody, which binds the appropriate cytokine soon and inhibits cytokine utilization, degradation, and excretion. The cytokine and mAb complexes are accumulated in the blood that increases in vivo cytokine half-life. Finally, the cytokine production will be measured in serum by ELISA. Our services can be designed to meet your special needs and the assay methods based on either absorbance or luminescence to measure the cytokine production in vivo are available at GTOnco™.

In Vivo Cytokine Capture Assay (IVCCA) strategy. Figure 1. In Vivo Cytokine Capture Assay (IVCCA) strategy. (Finkelman, 1999)

Features of Our Cytokine Response Assay at GTOnco™ Platform

Creative Biolabs possesses the qualification to supply GLP-compliant in vivo assay for the preclinical evaluation of gene therapy-based I-O agents. GTOnco™ platform can provide one-stop services for your studies of cytokine cross-talk, regulation of cytokine production, cytokine regulation of inflammatory conditions and cytokine-mediated host protection against infection. Please contact us to discuss your demands or to request a proposal.


  1. Finkelman, F. and Morris, S. (1999). Development of an assay to measure in vivo cytokine production in the mouse. International Immunology. 11(11), pp.1811-1818.

For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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