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GTOnco™ T Cell Persistence & Trafficking Assay

T persistence and trafficking properties are important factors affecting the anti-tumor activity of I-O products. Generally, after adoptive T cell transfer, the T cell persistence is likely to promote long-term anti-tumor effects. In addition, following antigen-specific stimulation, the trafficking properties of T cells are changed and these activated and effector T cells acquire the ability to effectively and specifically home to other organs. Based on the outstanding expertise and rich experience, Creative Biolabs has developed the fast, reliable and affordable T cell persistence & trafficking assay platform to support your gene therapy-based I-O drugs development. We also provide one-stop preclinical in vivo service for our clients to evaluate the anti-tumor effects of I-O products, especially in the field of CAR-T or TCR-T therapy.

In adoptive T cell transfer therapy, the limited replicative lifespan of TCRs inhibits the long-term persistence and expansion of these cells in vivo, which further affects their long-term therapeutic effects. T trafficking property including the stimulation of the recruitment of immune cells and their infiltration into the tumor masses is primordial for effective anti-tumor immune responses to counter disease progression. At GTOnco™, we provide an advanced and effective in vivo assay platform to help our clients improve the T persistence and their therapeutic potential. Meanwhile, we also offer the best-fit in vivo T cell trafficking assays to visualize organ-specific homing of T cells. We are pleased to share our experience for you to evaluate gene therapy-based I-O drug candidates with possible properties that can affect the migration and persistence of immune cells, and in turn influences their anti-tumor ability.

The T Cell Persistence and Trafficking Assay In Vivo. Figure 1. The T Cell Persistence and Trafficking Assay In Vivo. (Bai, 2015)

Leveraging our industry expertise, Creative Biolabs provides the advanced in vivo assay platform for our clients’ projects research. We are committed to offering the technologies and resources to facilitate your gene therapy-based I-O drugs development and boost the progress to clinical trials. Contact us today for a proposal to support all of your immuno-oncology research needs.


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For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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