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For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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GTOnco™ Redirected T Cell Cytotoxicity Assay

Currently, gene therapy-based I-O drugs that redirect cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) to kill tumor cells bearing a tumor-associated antigen have shown great promise in the clinic. The commonly used approaches such as bispecific T-cell engagers (BiTEs) technologies are armed with two antigen-binding specificities to redirect immune effector cells to kill tumor cells. For the purposes of monitoring redirected T-cell cytotoxicity induced by gene therapy-based I-O agents, Creative Biolabs has robustly developed in vivo platforms to provide reproducible cell-based cytotoxicity assays for our clients all over the world. We are able to design comprehensive research practices and handle high-quality in vivo studies to support your gene therapy-based I-O products development.

As a CRO specializing in immunotherapy, many techniques have been used in our GTOnco™ platform to evaluate the redirected T cell cytotoxicity and therapeutic efficacy of the gene therapy-based I-O products. By utilizing appropriate animal models and approaches, we are able to monitor the interaction between T lymphocytes and tumor cells in vivo. Our in vivo imaging system including positron emission tomography (PET) and bioluminescence imaging (BLI) permits the visual analysis of redirected T cell cytotoxicity effect in animal models during the whole evaluation of I-O products. The T lymphocytes and tumor cells can be also qualitatively and quantitatively determined by flow cytometry to validate the therapeutic efficacy. In addition, we provide histologic analysis of animal tissue sections to test the redirected T cell cytotoxicity of I-O agents. With highly specific antibodies labeled with visible markers, the tumor cells and T lymphocytes are allowed for morphometric and visualization analysis.

In vivo imaging of monitoring redirected T-cell cytotoxicity. Figure 1. In vivo imaging of monitoring redirected T-cell cytotoxicity. (Yu, 2014)

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Creative Biolabs is a leader in the field of gene therapy-based I-O drugs discovery with great reputation and experience. We possess the qualification to supply GLP-compliant in vivo validation service to help our customers and expedite their IND application. For any technical issue or products/services related question, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Yu, F.; et al. (2014). T-cell Engager-armed Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus Significantly Enhances Antitumor Therapy. Molecular Therapy. 22(1), pp.102-111.

For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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