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For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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GTOnco™ Immune Cell-Mediated Tumor Regression Assay

Preclinical therapeutic efficacy test of gene therapy-based I-O products in vivo can provide useful and valuable data for their later clinical application. The anti-tumor activity of I-O drugs mediated by immune cells is the core content of in vivo efficacy test. The cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) has been proposed as the primary effector function necessary for tumor regression, especially for the CD8+ T cell cytotoxic activity. With years of preclinical in vivo research and project management experience, Creative Biolabs has developed various robust animal models and related in vivo assays to greatly facilitate I-O therapy development. We are capable of conducting many tests to evaluate the immune cell-mediated tumor regression efficacy in I-O drugs therapy.

The techniques at GTOnco™ platform can provide a high-quality therapeutic efficacy test services for our customers. Our flow cytometry-based assay can be designed to quantitatively measure the immune cells from peripheral blood or harvested tissues, such as bone marrow, liver and spleen by detecting their specific targets and markers. The advanced in vivo imaging system is able to perform the non-invasive study and monitor the tumor progression in animal models. We also provide histologic and pathologic service to validate the presence and infiltration of tumor cells and perform the morphometric and visualization analysis. Of course, the animal and tumor observation including behavior, body weight, tumor size and morphology will be collected for the evaluation of immune cell-mediated tumor regression.

In Vivo Imaging of CAR-T Mediated Tumor Regression. Figure 1. In Vivo Imaging of CAR-T Mediated Tumor Regression. (Owens, 2018)

Features of Our Service at GTOnco™ Platform

All our experiments are performed by well-trained and experienced technicians in a GLP-compliant and IACUC-regulated facility. By utilizing appropriate animal models, Creative Biolabs provides high-quality in vivo therapeutic efficacy test services to help our customers and expedite their IND application. If you have any related needs, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the future.


  1. Owens, G.; et al. (2018). Preclinical Assessment of CAR T-Cell Therapy Targeting the Tumor Antigen 5T4 in Ovarian Cancer. Journal of Immunotherapy. 41(3), pp.130-140.

For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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