Cytokine-expressing Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus Western Reserve (ΔK3L), pSL-(IL-21) (CyOV-0120WQ)

This product is a IL-21 expressing oncolytic vaccinia virus, which is based on VACV-WR with K3L deleted. IL-21 has potent regulatory effects on cells of the immune system, including natural killer (NK) cells and cytotoxic T cells that can destroy virally infected or cancerous cells. The deletion of K3L and IL-21 expressing could enhance the immune activity. This product can also be used in oncolytic virotherapy research and vaccinie application.

Family Poxviridae
Species Vaccinia virus
Serotype Western Reserve
Backbone VACV-WR(ΔK3L)
Backbone Background VACV-WR strain derived from Wyeth through passaging in mice and shown high tumor selectivity and strong oncolytic effect in mouse models.The engineered VACV-WR could further enhance the immune activity and the efficacy of cancer therapies.
Gene Modification ΔK3L
Promoter pSL
Transgene IL-21
Type of Transgene Cytokine
Related Target/Protein Interleukin 21
Capsid Modification None
Titer >1*10^8 PFU
Related Diseases Tumor
Alternative Names Za11; IL-21; CVID11
Gene ID 59067
Introduction This gene encodes a member of the common-gamma chain family of cytokines with immunoregulatory activity. The encoded protein plays a role in both the innate and adaptive immune responses by inducing the differentiation, proliferation and activity of multiple target cells including macrophages, natural killer cells, B cells and cytotoxic T cells. Dysregulation of this gene plays a role in multiple immune-mediated diseases including lupus, psoriasis and chronic inflammatory diseases. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding multiple isoforms have been observed for this gene.
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