GABA Receptor Family

The GABA receptors are a class of transmembrane proteins that respond to the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mature vertebrate central nervous system. GABA receptors mediate neuronal inhibition by binding to the GABA/benzodiazepine receptor and opening an integral chloride channel. There are two classes of GABA receptors that have been identified: GABA(A) and GABA(B). GABA(A) receptors are ligand-gated ion channels (also called the ionotropic receptors), while GABAB receptors are G protein-coupled receptors, which are also known as metabotropic receptors. An increase in the GABA receptor concentration leads to an increase in the mean channel open time due to the opening of doubly liganded receptor forms, which exhibit open states of long duration.

Since GABA receptors are widely distributed and utilized throughout the CNS (central nervous system), early GABA-ergic target drugs have a quite extensive effect on CNS function. And thus, they are considered to be attractive drug targets. Below shows part of the GABA receptor family members, on which we have given further information for your review.

Utilizing our efficient Magic™ membrane protein production platform, Creative Biolabs is able to offer the preparation of these two membrane proteins in required formats using various strategies, such as detergent micelles, proteoliposomes, nanodiscs, lipoparticles, polymers, stable cell line.

Magic™ membrane protein production platform – Creative Biolabs

In addition, our Magic™ membrane protein antibody discovery platform can be applied in developing antibodies against these targets, even fully humanized antibodies, by various approaches including hybridoma technology, phage display technology, etc. We also present DNA immunization service for anti-membrane protein antibody development. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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