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Altering the specificity of T cell receptor (TCR) is one of the popular strategies to genetically modify T cells to enhance the tumor-killing activity of T cells. With high-affinity TCR technology, Creative Biolabs is capable of identifying the candidate target tumor antigen and the sequence of tumor-specific TCR to create tumor-specific T cells. We have high qualified groups and advanced technologies to perform TCR engineering services covering every unit of manufacturing and delivery pipeline. From a tumor-reactive T cell or active anti-tumor T-cell antigens, the appropriate target sequence is introduced to modify T cells to target a broad range of tumors with improved specificity. With engineering TCR construction and a series of assay, such as transgene expression, TCR/CD3 stability, lymphocyte antigen reactivity and cytotoxicity, animal experiments, etc., we provide cGMP-compliant TCR products for preclinical and clinical trials.

Structure and function of the TCR Figure: Structure and function of the TCR.

(A) The T cell receptor (TCR), found on the surface of T cells, is responsible for antigen recognition. It consists of two chains: the alpha (α) and beta (β) chains. Both chains have a constant region (c) and a variable region (v), and it is the variable region that determines antigen specificity. The TCR is associated with the CD3 complex, which comprises three transmembrane signalling molecules (CD3ζζ, CD3δε and CD3γε). (B) A TCR will interact with an antigen on a target cell when the target peptide sequence is presented by the appropriate major histocompatibility complex (MHC-1 for cytotoxic T cells). Efficient T-cell activation also requires the simultaneous binding of the T cell co-receptor (CD8 for cytotoxic T cells). ss, disulphide bridge.

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All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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