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CellRapeutics™ Anti-HIV CAR Cell Therapy Development

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) has become a stepping stone in the treatment of AIDS, suppressing HIV to an undetectable level in the blood, but it cannot completely eradicate HIV. Instead, the HIV reservoir will remain in the latently infected cells, resulting in a viral rebound following ART interruption, which poses a major challenge for curing HIV infection. In addition, lifetime antiretroviral therapy is expensive and inconvenient, with strong drug toxicity. Therefore, alternative treatment options are highly desirable to maintain viral remission without the use of ART.

Anti-HIV chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells can provide a cure by recognizing and killing Env-specific virus-producing cells. CAR T cells are T cells genetically engineered to express CAR, which directs or redirects T cells to specifically target the target antigen. CAR usually contains four different domains: extracellular antigen binding domain, hinge, transmembrane domain, and intracellular signaling domain. This allows CAR T cells to be activated in an MHC-independent manner and makes them less sensitive to common immune escape mechanisms, including the down-regulation of MHC class I molecules.

Schematics of CAR T-cell therapy for HIV infection.Fig.1 Schematics of CAR T-cell therapy for HIV infection.

At Creative Biolabs, we have a thorough knowledge of the important aspects of the development of anti-HIV CAR T cells, with a special focus on the evolution of HIV CAR design to enhance efficacy and target specificity. We are committed to providing the world's leading HIV CAR therapy development services, including HIV CAR vector design, HIV CAR cell design and characterization, preclinical investigation and clinical stage development.

Challenges in the Field

Obstacles in HIV-specific CAR T therapy development.Fig.2 Obstacles in HIV-specific CAR T therapy development.

Despite the above progress, there are still some obstacles to overcome in the process of developing anti-HIV CAR T cells as a treatment for HIV. Obstacles in HIV-specific CAR T therapy development mainly refer to:

A. cell expansion and persistence in vivo

B. susceptibility to HIV infection

C. off-target effects

D. severe cytokine release syndrome.

These major obstacles are listed in Figure 2 below.

Creative Biolabs is committed to solving these difficult challenges and providing best-suit research tools for our customers. We provide high-quality customized services covering the entire HIV CAR-T treatment development process to best suit your technology, program, and budget requirements, thus greatly helping you solve these challenges.

HIV CAR Cell Therapy Development Services at Creative Biolabs

As a leading cell therapy biotechnology that provides cell therapy related services, Creative Biolabs masters the most advanced CAR/TCR technology. With the state-of-art CAR development platform, Creative Biolabs is capable of offering a broad range of HIV CAR early development services. Our one-stop HIV CAR therapy development services include but not limited to:

CellRapeutics™ Anti-HIV CAR Cell Therapy Development

HIV CAR Design and Construction

  • Multispecific duoCAR
  • CD4 CAR
  • bNAb-based CAR
  • convertible CAR
  • CCR5 disruption HIV CAR
CellRapeutics™ Anti-HIV CAR Cell Therapy Development

HIV CAR Cell Design and Engineering

  • Cell Types Available for HIV CAR
  • HIV CAR T-cell Expansion
  • HIV Reservoir Evaluation
  • HIV Antigen Presentation Modulation
  • Live-Virus Assays
CellRapeutics™ Anti-HIV CAR Cell Therapy Development

HIV CAR Cell Characterization In Vitro

  • CAR expression validation
  • CAR-T cell proliferation
  • Multiplex cytokine screening
  • Cytotoxicity test against target cells
  • HIV-infected cell elimination assay
  • Cell-associated HIV DNA quantitation
CellRapeutics™ Anti-HIV CAR Cell Therapy Development

HIV CAR Cure Characterization In Vivo

  • HIV Animal Model
  • HIV Suppression Assay
  • HIV Reservoir Biomarkers Identification
  • HIV Reservoir Characterization
CellRapeutics™ Anti-HIV CAR Cell Therapy Development

HIV CAR Clinical Trial

  • HIV Reservoir Size Evaluation

All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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