TCR Jurkat Cell Products

TCR Jurkat Cell Products

Adoptive T cell therapy using T cell receptor (TCR) engineered T cells is an attractive cancer treatment strategy. The success of this therapy depends on the functional affinity of the transduced TCR for targeting tumor antigens. Therefore, it is necessary to establish an effective and accurate TCR functional affinity evaluation method. Here, Creative Biolabs proposes a novel platform cell line - TCR-Jurkat cell line, which is a novel and stable tool that can be used for the functional affinity of isolated and transduced TCR and prediction of the TCR-transduced T cell function in developing TCR-based immunotherapy.

Specifically, Creative Biolabs has designed and developed a comprehensive list of TCR-modified Jurkat cell lines targeting neo-antigens which would be promising targets for the engineered TCR-T cell therapy. These TCR-Jurkat T cells were functionally characterized in vitro.

In addition to designing, cloning, and screening TCR-Jurkat cell products, we also support the characterization of TCR-Jurkat cells, including but not limited to: in vitro and in vivo analysis, TCR affinity, TCR avidity, preclinical development, functional avidity, anti-tumor activity, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find a customized solution that suits your needs.

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