TCR Vector Products

TCR Vector Products

Adoptive T cell therapy using T cell receptor (TCR) engineered T cells is an attractive cancer treatment strategy. The success of this therapy depends on the functional affinity of the transduced TCR for targeting tumor antigens. Unlike CAR T cells that recognize proteins expressed on the surface, TCRs can recognize tumor-specific proteins on the inside of cells. Altering the specificity of TCR is one of the popular strategies for genetic modification of T cells to enhance the killing activity of T cells. As the leading cell therapeutics biotech that provides cell therapy related services, Creative Biolabs masters the most advanced technology and has a very rich extensive experience and thus, is able to offer the best TCR vector products and TCR design & construction services.

Specifically, Creative Biolabs has designed and developed a comprehensive list of TCR vector products targeting neo-antigens which would be promising targets for the engineered TCR-T cell therapy. With high-affinity TCR technology, Creative Biolabs can identify candidate target tumor antigens and tumor-specific TCR sequences to create TCR vector products.

In addition to designing and cloning TCR vectors, we have a highly qualified team and advanced technology to perform TCR engineering services, covering every unit of manufacturing and delivery pipeline. Through the construction of engineering TCR and a series of measurements, such as transgene expression, TCR/CD3 stability, lymphocyte antigen reactivity and cytotoxicity, animal experiments, etc., we provide cGMP-compliant TCR products for preclinical and clinical trials.

TCR structure

Fig.1 TCR structure.

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