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KIR Typing Service

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced immunology experts, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to genotyping services for our global clients. With advanced technology platforms and extensive expertise, we are ready to provide you with high-quality KIR typing services.


As an important lymphocyte population in the innate immune system, natural killer (NK) cells are critical in lysing the infected cells or cancer cells without adaptive immune response mediated by antigen stimulation. Killer-cell immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIRs) are type I transmembrane glycoproteins expressed on NK cells, and they can interact with major histocompatibility (MHC) class I molecules to mediate the inhibitory or activated NK cell activities. For normal healthy tissues, negative regulation of NK cell happens via the recognition of MHC molecules with inhibitory KIRs. For infected cells or transformed cells, NK cells can lyse the target cells through activated KIRs. KIR molecules are highly polymorphic, and the sequences are different between individuals. KIR family consists of 15 gene loci, including KIR2DL1, KIR2DL2/L3, KIR2DL4, KIR2DL5A, KIR2DL5B, KIR2DS1, KIR2DS2, KIR2DS3, KIR2DS4, KIR2DS5, KIR3DL1/S1, KIR3DL2, KIR3DL3, and two pseudogenes, KIR2DP1 and KIR3DP1 (see Fig.1).

KIR proteins. Fig.1 KIR proteins. (Source from IPD-KIR)

KIR Typing Service

To investigate the polymorphism of KIRs, Creative Biolabs offers a series of KIR typing services to our clients, including KIR typing at the DNA and mRNA level, as well as KIR phenotyping by FACS.

  • Our KIR typing service allows the detection of all human KIR genes and alleles at the genomic DNA and transcriptomic mRNA level. Sequence-specific primers are designed to analyze the KIR genes. With several years of efforts, our scientists are able to detect all 15 human KIRs and their alleles.
  • We also developed an advanced High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS) platform to analyze the KIR genes at the highest resolution. With this approach, we can determine copy number by reading depth, and also high-resolution genotypes of all KIR genes. This HTS platform also is applicable to other highly polymorphic genes, such as HLA genes.

Pipeline for analyzing sequence data from highly polymorphic KIRs. Fig.2 Pipeline for analyzing sequence data from highly polymorphic KIRs. (Norman, 2016)

Highlight Features

  • 100% capacity to investigate all KIR genes
  • 100% accuracy for the delivered results
  • 1005 dedication to all the details of every program

With novel technology platform and professional senior scientists, Creative Biolabs provides a full spectrum of KIR typing services covering all KIR genes and alleles. We are committed to offering customized solutions to fit our clients’ specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


  1. Norman, Paul J., et al. "Defining KIR and HLA class I genotypes at highest resolution via high-throughput sequencing." The American Journal of Human Genetics 99.2 (2016): 375-391.

All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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