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Cancer Vaccine Discovery

Cancer Vaccine Discovery

Cancer Vaccine Discovery

With extensive experience in the area of cancer immunotherapy drug discovery and development, as well as international network of scientific experts, Creative Biolabs is widely regarded as one of the most excellent partners which has been fully recognized by our clients. Advanced platforms had been established to cover a series of stages including vaccine discovery, engineering, analytical characterization, in vitro assessment, in vivo assessment, and GMP manufacturing.

Creative Biolabs is specialized in vaccine discovery services including cancer vaccine design, tumor antigen identification, adjuvant candidate discovery, biomarker discovery and verification, etc. For each individual module, our scientific experts and skilled technicians can provide our clients with strategic guidance to customize the appropriate solutions to smooth further development and successful supervision. Our unique combination of expertise in cancer therapy and immunology makes us an ideal partner to support your vaccine discovery research. For current in-house discovery services, please visit the following modules to learn more. If your interests are not included in the following modules, please contact us directly to let us know your demands, a specific solution will be designed to best fit your needs.

Accelerate, Innovate, and Expedite Your Vaccine Discovery Project

Cancer Vaccine Types and Design >

We accommodate the properties and clinical use of your project, and provide customize cancer vaccine design services covering various types...

Tumor Antigen Identification >

We offer custom solutions to identify and characterize tumor antigens including cancer-testis, differentiation, over-expression, neo-antigen...

Adjuvant Candidate Discovery >

We have developed adjuvant discovery services to support the screening and identification for new vaccine adjuvant candidates against cancer...

Biomarker Discovery and Verification >

We are dedicated to offering a wide array of efficient methods to identify and validate biomarkers with proteomics and genomics technologies...

“Tailor the Best Solutions to Maximize the Success of Your Vaccine Candidate”

We are dedicated to vaccine discovery services, which is a powerful force of health development. As a reliable partner who is fully competent in vaccine research, we understand the cutting-edge expertise and technology, as well as your unique demands. We ensure:

  • Unique insights;
  • End-to-end solutions;
  • Fully collaborate with you in customized solutions;
  • Short turnaround time with competitive price.

To provide you with better results and accelerate your project to next milestone, Creative Biolabs, with rich knowledge and first-class quality systems, is committed to excellent delivery and satisfactory proposal for our clients. Please contact us for more detailed information or a quote.

All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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