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Antibody-Coupled T Cell Receptor (ACTR) Platform

By continuing to grow in response to the requirements of our clients, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to exploring novel and innovative technologies to offer the most comprehensive, integrated portfolio of cellular therapy products and solutions. We are proud to partner with our clients on the journey of bringing novel cellular therapies to market.

Our Strategies “One Therapy, Various Applications.”
Our Antibody-Coupled T Cell Receptor (ACTR) technology is to develop a kind of universal engineered T cell therapy. It can address the limitations of existing T cell engineering technologies. The most highlight feature is the universal applications for various cancer types. The ACTR T cell therapy can be used in combination with various antibodies to fight a variety of cancers.

Antibody-Coupled T Cell Receptor (ACTR) Technology

Antibody-Coupled T Cell Receptor (ACTR) Technology

ACTR consists of one extracellular domain, a transmembrane domain, co-stimulatory signaling domain and TCR signaling domain which is similar to CAR design. The specificity of ACTR compared with CAR is the extracellular domain which is derived from CD16, a receptor capable of binding to the Fc domain of different antibodies. The ACTR T cell can’t recognize tumor cells directly. While, once the tumor-targeting antibody is provided to bind to the surface of tumor cells, the ACTR T cell can recognize the tumor cells indirectly via the Fc domain of antibodies. This will enable the antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) for tumor cell killing.

Our Antibody-Coupled T Cell Receptor (ACTR) Platform

Our designed ACTR, a chimeric protein located on T cell membrane, can bind to tumor targeting antibodies. ACTR T cells can be used in combination with a broad range of administered tumor-targeting antibodies to recognize different antigens and attack different tumor types. Our ACTR platform can help our clients to construct the ACTR, and develop the ACTR engineered T cell. A series of characterization assays, in vitro and in vivo efficacy assays, etc. will be provided upon our clients’ requests.

Advantages of ACTR Technology

Our scientists leverage the ACTR technology to create a universal T cell therapy that functions with a variety of tumor-targeting antibodies. Furthermore, another intrinsic advantage is the activity of ACTR T cell therapy can be controlled by antibody dosing. An ideal therapeutic window can be potentially defined by increasing or decreasing the amount of tumor-targeting antibody. This enables maximizing the level of cancer-killing with minimizing side effects. The unique advantages of this technology will increase the efficiency and value of your T cell therapy, and maximize the success of your project.

  • Universal
  • Tunability
  • Improved activity
  • Potential in solid tumors
  • Breadth of targeting

Highlight Features

  • Cutting-edge technology with innovation to accelerate our clients’ projects;
  • Experienced scientists with passion in meeting our clients’ demands;
  • Strong sense of purpose helps to push the progress and solve any problems to maximize success.

To help our clients develop safe and effective T cell therapies, Creative Biolabs is continuously exploring novel technologies including ACTR, Nanoparticle, VST etc. Our ACTR technology provides a broadly applicable combination treatment for a wide range of cancer types. Furthermore, we are committed to exploring modifications to ACTR technology for better applications. If you are interested in our ACTR technology, please feel free to contact us for closer communication to learn how we can be involved in your project. Separate services or integrated end-to-end solutions are all welcomed.

All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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