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One-Stop TCR-T Therapy Development

In the past decade, tremendous progress has been made in the field of immunotherapy, especially in the field of T cell therapy. This method uses engineered T cells with artificial chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) as an example, which can recognize specific proteins expressed on the surface of tumor cells, resulting in rapid activation and killing of tumor cells. Although clinical success has been achieved in a few tumor types, the types of surface proteins that can be targeted by this technology are limited, which severely limits the development of CAR-T cells for multiple tumor types. Besides, the targeted surface proteins so far are also expressed on normal cells, leading to CAR-T-mediated killing of non-cancer cells and potentially life-threatening side effects related to the intensity of the subsequent immune response.

To solve the problem of the scope and selectivity of CAR-T, researchers are turning to a method of engineering T cells based on T cell receptors (TCR-T). The ability of TCR to selectively recognize target cells comes from its unique ability to recognize cell surface "antigens". These antigens can be used as selective identifiers for malignant cells, and more and more tumor-related antigens are being identified, enabling the engineering of a potent and selective TCR-T directed against cancer.

As the leading cell therapeutics biotech that provides cell therapy related services, Creative Biolabs masters the most advanced CAR/TCR technology. With state-of-art TCR development platforms and advanced technologies, Creative Biolabs is capable of offering a broad range of TCR-T early development services, including TCR engineered T cell biomarker identification and selection, design, construction, and analysis. Moreover, our one-stop TCR development services also provide you the preclinical test.

Our one-stop TCR-T therapy development services include but not limited to:

One-Stop TCR-T Therapy Development
TCR Biomarker Identification & Selection
  • De novo discovery of potential cancer biomarkers by multiple gene and protein analysis technologies
  • Selection of the most suitable TCR-T therapy targets with greater potency and lower toxicity
One-Stop TCR-T Therapy Development
TCR Generation & Optimization
  • TCR Generated from patient's TIL, phage display, and in vivo system
  • TCR Affinity Optimization/TCR Affinity Maturation
One-Stop TCR-T Therapy Development
TCR Design & Construction
  • Design and construction of classical TCR of different modification
  • Customized TCR design
  • TCR-T construction
One-Stop TCR-T Therapy Development
TCR Gene Packaging & Delivery
  • Both lentiviral vectors and retroviral vectors are avalible
  • GMP vircus manufacturing for clinical trials and applications
  • Strict quality control
One-Stop TCR-T Therapy Development
TCR In Vitro Assay
  • T cell validation assay, T cell activation assay, Cytokine release assay, Cytotoxicity assay, TCR specificity assay
One-Stop TCR-T Therapy Development
TCR-T Preclinical In Vivo Assay
  • Construction of animal models, T cell trafficking test, T cell persistence test, Efficacy test, Safety/toxicity evaluation
One-Stop TCR-T Therapy Development
TCR Analysis
  • TCR Repertoire Sequencing, TCR Vβ Repertoire Analysis, MHC-peptide Tetramer, MHC Tetramer Assays, TCR Clonality Assessment, TCR Clonality Quantitation and CDR3 Size Diversity Technology
One-Stop TCR-T Therapy Development
TCR Clinical Applications
  • TCR Clinical Diagnostics
  • TCR Clinical Therapeutics

All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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