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CAR-T Preclinical In Vivo Assay

Taking advantage of the CellRapeutics™ platform, Creative Biolabs provides customized, standardized, reliable and high-quality CAR-T preclinical in vivo assay services for clients across the world. Our one-stop service covers all aspects from cell biology to animal tests with a special emphasis on the construction of tumor xenograft models. Various robust animal models and assay systems have been used in-house to greatly facilitate CAR-T development and evaluation projects with far less time and budget.

CAR-T cells are autologous or allogeneic T cells targeting specifically to antigens or markers expressed by tumor cells. In vivo assessment is of pivotal importance for investigating the factors that may affect the efficacy of CAR-T cells. The approaches of delivering CAR genes into T cells, the in vitro culture conditions, the constituents of the CAR construct, and the types of host T cells all have great impacts on CAR-T efficacy and safety. Data from in vivo assays is valuable for CAR-T optimization. CAR-T cells capable of recognizing various tumor-associated antigens (TAAs) have been tested in many clinical trials and received plenty of encouraging results. However, several potential risks such as cytokine storm have also been posed for CAR-T cell clinical application. Therefore, preclinical in vivo assessment of the efficacy and safety of CAR-T cells are essential for dosage determination and risk managements for this promising immunotherapy against cancers.

CAR-T Preclinical in vivo Assay

Creative Biolabs performs CAR-T cell preclinical in vivo assays in xenograft murine models derived by well-defined cell lines or primary human tumor cells. Immunodeficient mice, lacking of effective innate immunity for the absence of B cells, T cells, or NK cells, are the optimal animal models for engraftment of tumor cells and evaluation of CAR-T cells. We also provide in vivo assay services in other species including non-human primate (NHP). With many well-designed tests, we can detect the progression and remission of tumor cells in any body part throughout the whole treatment duration, obtaining an unambiguous evaluation of the therapeutic efficacy of CAR-T cells. Meanwhile, we conduct a series of studies to investigate several potential safety concerns of CAR-T therapy including inappropriate immune activation (cytokine level), the potential for tumorigenicity, the risks of the delivery procedure, etc.  The in vivo expansion, survival, persistence, migration, and distribution of the CAR-T cells are also systematically studied. Above all, our assays are compliant with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), which is essential for IND application. Our experienced scientists will assist you in designing the research program that best suits your purpose and advance your CAR-T cell therapy through clinical trials.

Featured CAR-T Preclinical in vivo Assay Categories

Creative Biolabs provides CAR-T Preclinical in vivo Assays targeting the following targets.

*The target of CD16 CAR-T depends on the monoclonal antibody administered simultaneously; CD133 is also found on some acute myeloid and lymphoid leukemias.

All services and products are only for lab research use, not for any clinical diagnosis or treatment.

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