CAR Vector Products

CAR Vector Products

Since the conventional cornerstones of cancer treatment (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy) show more and more limitations for a variety of human malignancies, genetic engineering of the immune system has shown great promise in the treatment of cancer, especially the use of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cells. As the leading cell therapeutics biotech that provides CAR-T cell therapy related services, Creative Biolabs masters the most advanced technology and has a very rich extensive experience and thus, can offer the best CAR vector products and CAR design & construction services.

Advantages of NK Cells

The beauty of NK cells is that they can provide patients with allogeneic NK cells, which do not cause GVHD like allogeneic T cells. This simple beauty may translate into potentially huge benefits of CAR-oriented therapy. NK cells from cord blood can be engineered to express CAR and then stored for use in almost all patients. This approach not only eliminates the need to create a new batch of tumor-targeted cells for each patient but also eliminates waiting times that can last for several weeks.

In addition to providing CAR vector design and construction services, we also provide NK cells collected from cord blood samples for CAR-NK targeted therapy. The CAR retroviral vector provided by us further supports stable transduction to modify cells to introduce several new genes with specific functions into the DNA of NK cells.

In general, Creative Biolabs provides four generations of CAR products. The first-generation CAR composed of basic elements has been widely used in clinical trials of early cancer immunotherapy. Unlike the first generation with an intracellular signaling domain (such as CD3ζ or FcεRIγ), our second-generation CAR consists of an activation domain and a costimulatory signaling domain (such as CD28 or 4-1BB), whose structure can support longer Time anti-tumor effect. Similar to this strategy, two different costimulatory signal regions were constructed in the third-generation CAR to promote T cell activation signals and significantly enhance CAR-T cell proliferation and survival. Besides, the fourth-generation CAR construct has been engineered with inducible expression units (such as cytokines (such as IL-12)). This inducible transgenic cytokine gene can effectively overcome the "target, off-tumor" defect.

CAR design evolution.

Fig.1 CAR design evolution.

In addition to designing and cloning the conventional scFv-based CAR generations, we also provide multiple novel CAR vector products, such as TanCAR,Universal CAR, VHH-based CAR, and Switch CAR, etc. You can explore more special CARs at CAR Design & Construction to find the product you are interested in. Don't hesitate to contact us to find a customized solution that suits your needs.

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